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Where is the Freemont Arms Co?

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Nowhere. This was a trade name used by Henri Pieper in Belgium. If it is spelled with only one "e", it could have been made by Simonis, Janssen, Doumoulin & Co, also in Belgium, or by Crescent Firearms in Connecticut.

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Were is Freemont Arms Co located?

It's not a real company. This was a trade name used on shotguns produced by Crescent Firearms, Norwich, Connecticut, from 1893-1932.

Is there a difference between a J. Stevens Arms Co. and a J. Stevens Arms Company?

no Co. is an abbreviation for company But there are differences between: * J. Stevens and Co. * J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. * J. Stevens Arms Co. * Stevens and * Stevens - Savage

Who made Red Chieftain Shot Guns?

Red Chieftain shotguns were made by Crescent Arms Arms Co and J Stevens Arms Co for the Supplee-Biddle Hardware Co.

Is there still a Pioneer Arms Co I have a 410 single shot stamped with Pioneer Arms Co 1910?

No.Pioneer Arms Company no longer is in operation.

Who bought the crescent firearms company?

Cresent Arms was bought by H&D Folson Arms Co. NY. Then in 1930 it merged with Davis Warner Arms Co. and became Cresent-Davis Arms Corporation. Cresent-Davis was then bought out in 1932 by Stevens Arms Co.

What is your shotgun single shot 12 gauge wolverine arms co barrel number 190578?

do you know when wolverine arms co produced this gun? do you know when wolverine arms co produced this gun?

Where can you find information about Volunteer Shotguns?

Volunteer and Volunteer Arms Co were trade names held by Belknap Hardware and used on guns made by Crescent Firearms Co, Crescent-Davis Arms Corp, Davis=Warner Arms Corp, Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle, Harrington & Richardson Arms Co, J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co, and possibly other manufacturers.

When did Mass Arms Co open?

Massachusetts Arms Company operated from 1860 to 1893. The name was later used by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co, J. Stevens Arms, and Crescent Firearms.

Who made the 12 gauge double barrel shotgun marked Hanover Arms Co?

Janssen Fils & Co if it has Belgian proofmarks or Crescent Fire Arms Co if it does not.

Does any Delphian 12 gauge double barrel shotgun information exist?

Shotguns marked simply 'Delphian' were manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms Co or J. Stevens Arms Co. If the mark reads 'Delphian Manufacturing Co' it is a Crescent product. Others marked as 'Delphian Arms Co' were made by Crescent, Hunter Arms Co, or imported from Belgium, and retailed by Supplee-Biddle Hardware Co.

Where can you get information on the Stanley Arms Company?

Stanley Arms Co: Made in Belgium by F. Dumoulin & Co for Wiebusch & Hilger Co of New York City, circa 1904.

When did Folsom Arms Co make rifles?

Folsom Arms Co was a trade name used by H&D Folsom Arms Company (1849 - 1954). These guns were manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms Co (1892-1931). Shotguns marked with this name were also imported from Belgium.

Bayard Arms Co?

where can i find a stock for a bayard arms 12ga.double barrel

When was Farwell Arms Co in business so I could idenify the age of a single shot 20 ga shot gun with two digit serial number.?

Farwell Arms Co: Hammer and Hammerless sidelock guns made by Crescent Fire Arms Co for Farwell, Ozmun & kirk of St Paul, MN. Crestcent Fire Arms co: In 1888 George Cilley bought out the defunct Bacon Arms Co of Conn. He then formed the Crescent Fire Arms Co. Crescent made fire arms for many dealers. In 1932 the city of Norwich, Conn took over the Crescent proerty for back taxes...........

How positive are consumer reviews of the Fiat Freemont?

There are many different consumer reviews for the Fiat Freemont. The reviews for the Freemont are generally positive. One can find more reviews on the official Fiat website.

What guns did Stevens arms co make under the riverside arms co?

The Model 215, a hammer gun, and the model 315, a hammerless

What is the web address of the Remington Arms Co. in Ilion New York?

The web address of the Remington Arms Co. is:

Who acquired the Eastern Arms company?

No one, since the company only existed as a Sears Roebuck tradename. These guns were made by Meriden Fire Arms Co, J. Stevens Arms Co, Andrew Fyrberg & Co, Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, and probably other manufacturers.

Where can you get information about a single barrel 12 gauge shotgun marked Mississippi Valley Arms 780476?

Manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms, W.H. Davenport Arms Co, or J. Stevens Arms Co for Shapleigh Hardware Co, St Louis, Missouri, sometime between about 1890 and 1950.

What about US Arms Co shotguns?

the best

What is the phone number of the Remington Arms Co. in Ilion New York?

The phone number of the Remington Arms Co. is: 315-895-3200.

What is a Remington UMC?

Union Metalic Cartridge Co. is a division of Remington UMC purchased Remington Arms Co in 1912 and became Remington Arms UMC.

Who manufactured a 12 gauge Wolverine Arms Co Model 130708 single barrel shotgun?

It was manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms for the Fletcher Hardware Co.

Where is the Remington Arms Co. in Ilion New York located?

The address of the Remington Arms Co. is: 14 Hoefler Ave, Ilion, NY 13357

What is the history of a 12 gauge db shotgun made by the Union Firearms Co Toledo Ohio?

Union Fire Arms Co was in business from 1903 to 1910, then became Union Arms Co until 1913.