Where is the IAT sensor located on a 1997 eclipse?

if you are trying to find this to make more power by upping your fuel mixture by tricking that sensor i am telling you its a bad idea. you really are not going to make any real power, contrary to popular belief, especially if you are an N.A. motor. if you are trying to find it for a real reason it is on the back side of the intake plenum closer to the passenger side of the motor. it has a grey plug and what will look like a threaded nut and nipple that attatches it to the plenum. honestly if you are trying to trick the ecu with that sensor you are going to regret it later on. in all actuality if its a turbo car you should even be worried about something that insignificant spend the dough get a boost controller and youre good. if its an N.A. car nothing you can ever do short of a motor swap or a heap of nitrous will ever make that car fast.