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Where is the OBD-2 code reader plug on a 2002 Pontiac sunfire?

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The OBD2 plug for most GM vehicles is to the left or right of the steering column, at the bottom of the dashboard.

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What is an OBD2 car diagnostic reader used for?

An OBD2 car diagnostic reader is used to diagnose any problems that a car might have and it saves time and money. For example, if there is an engine check light on, the OBD2 car diagnostic reader can tell what is the problem so it can be fixed as soon as possible.

Where is the obd2 port located on 2002 Mazda tribute?


Can you use a obd2 reader on a 1993 Toyota Camry?

It depends on reader. If you reader can supports OBD I and has appropriate adapter then you are good to go.

What is the most common problem when 1996 Pontiac Sunfire diagnostic code P1300 comes up?

P1300 is a Boost Calibration Fault. For more info, you'll have to talk to yourmechanic.(from this source)

Where do you plug in the OBDII interface on a 2002 ford ka?

Hi, The obd2 socket is in the lower left foot well kick panel, Regards Dave Reader

Where do you hook up the obd2 code reader on a 1999 ford windstar?

The obd2 plug is under the knee board (under the column).

What type of OBD reader does a 1998 Honda accord use?


Obd2 scanner does not work to read the codes on venture 1998 Scanner works on other cars not my venture.?

Instead of an OBD2 Try the older type OBD reader. Your reader is probably for newer vehicles.

Checking troubleshooting codes Pontiac grand Am Se without a code scanner?

It cannot be done, you must have a code reader because the system is OBD2, you used to be able to do it without a code reader, but that was OBD1, OBD2 is much more complicated electronics. If you want to get it scanned, you should go to Autozone, they will code scan for free but will not clear codes. You have to pay someone with a code reader to clear the codes, disconnecting the battery doesn't work either

Will a obd 2 scanner work on a 2001 civic?

Yes it will or a OBD2 reader

Obd2 connector location on an 2002 Acura RL?

The OBD2 connector is located underneath the ash tray.

How do you turn off the service engine soon light on a 2002 Sonoma 4 cylinder?

With an OBD2 code reader. But, unless you repair the problem that set the light it will just come back on.

Will code reader work on 2002 citroenc3 hdi?

Depends on what type code reader you have. OBD2 is pretty universal, but not compatible with Diesels until after 2004. Petrols came compliant earlier, in about 2001. The code reader that does work with all the Citroen C3 HDi cars is Actia with Diagbox or Lexia 3.

Get the trouble code from a 2003 Mazda Protege?

You need OBD2 reader or scanner to get the codes

How do you reset the check engine light for a 2004 Honda city?

Easiest way to "Reset" the Check Engine Light. Use an OBD2 reader. You can purchase one yourself($100.00 or so) or you can just go to a car parts store ex: Auto Zone, O' Rileys Auto Parts, Napa, etc. They will assist you or let you use the OBD2 reader yourself. Hook up the OBD2 reader to the designated hookup, make sure your car is not running. Turn the key to ignition, but DO NOT start. Power the OBD2 reader ON and the OBD2 reader should automatically diagnos your problem, tell you why the Check Engine Light is on and also you have the option of "Resetting" or to "Erase" the check engine light code. CODE, meaning, your car sends a certain code for certain problems and the OBD2 reader, reads that code and tells you what part(s) need to be replaced or fixed. Hope this was helpful-Danny(15yr Mechanic)

Where is the obd2 connector on Ford Thunderbird 2002?

where is the obd port located on a 2002 thunderbird

What is the Difference in the obd1 and obd2 engines?

No difference in the engines, just in the ECU (Engine Control Unit) programming. OBD2 doesn't let you have the diagnostic codes without a code reader.

How do you check the fault codes in a 2000 Chevy Tracker 4x4?

Plug in an OBD2 code reader. You can borrow, rent or purchase an OBD2 code scanner at most auto parts retailers.

How do you reset check engine light on a 1998 Volvo S-70?

With an OBD2 code reader

Why is your service engine soon light on 2003 Pontiac grand prix?

Purchase or borrow an OBD2 Code Reader. This is a device that connects under the dash and communicates to your vehicles computer. the code generated by the OBD2 unit can be cross referenced to a data base and the problem identified. ex: P300 misfire of engine detected. You then go in to your dealer or mechanic armed with the info of what is wrong with your car.

Where is code reader or ob on 1994 accord?

There is no OBD2 connector on a 1994 Honda Accord. Your car is not OBD2 compliant. You car is OBD1. Click the link for detailed instructions with photos on how to retrieve the code.

How do you get the obd code on a 1998 ford explorer?

You need a OBD2 scanner/code reader to get stored codes and to erase them

How do you reset the dtc codes in a 97 gmc 350 vortex sfi 5.7?

If you fixed the problem you need a code reader/Scanner and erase them off the PCM with the OBD2 reader/scanner

Is there a way to pull flash codes from a 2004 Ford Freestar without a scanner?

No obd2 requires a code reader or scanner.

Where do you plug in diagnostic reader on 2001 Saturn?

On most Saturn's, the OBD2 port is on the bottom of the dashboard, next to the steering column.

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