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it is in one of the valve covers

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โˆ™ 2004-10-09 20:32:55
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Q: Where is the PCV on a 1977 Chevy with a GM 350?
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Did gm make a 1996 Chevy dually with a 350?


Where is the pcv valve on a 1993 Chevy Camaro Z28 350 5.7L?

Most GM PCV valves connect to the rocker valve cover through a rubber seal. Under hood, center, upper engine area, mounted in rear of intake manifold

Will a Chevy 350 head fit a 6.2 Chevy diesel?

No. The 6.2 diesel used by GM, by the way, was made not by GM, but by Detroit Diesel.

How big is a Chevy 350 in cubic inches?

350 Actually if you take the bore & stoke of the 350 Chevy you actually get 349.57 Cubic Inches or 5.73 Liters. It is rounded up to 350 by GM.

What is the timing and firing order for 350 1986 Chevy wrangler?

Chevy did not make the Wrangler, Jeep (Chrysler) did, and they did not come with a 350 - that's a GM engine.

Is there an online compatibility chart showing which vehicles a Chevy 350 will fit unmodified?

A Chevy 350 will fit any GM vehicle that has a small block V-8.

How do you time a 95 Chevy Silverado 350?

firing order 82 GM blazer

What has to be done to put a Chevy 350 in a 65 skylark the skylark has a th 350 trans.right now it has a 350 Buick motordo the motor mounts and distributorpowersteeringand alternator setup change.?

Chevy 350 is just what we call that motor because Chevy is the most popular of the gm lines, but really its a GM 350. Having said that, a Buick, Pontiac, Chevy, or Oldsmobile motor are the same motor for the most part. There are som exceptions with the Cadillac motors but that's an other story. should be smoothe sailing for you.

What auto transmission is in a 1989 Chevy k1500 4x4 truck with a 350 engine?

A Gm 700R

What is the stock block color for a 1986 Chevy silverado 350 big block?

The 350 is the small block, and in 1986 it would be GM corporate blue.

Will a 1986 Pontiac 350 fit into a 1989 Chevy Camaro?

Yes, I have one. All GM parts.

What way does the crank turn on a gm 350?

The crank for a 350 Chevy turns clockwise or to your right if standing in front of the motor .

How much does a 350 big block in a Chevy Z71 1997 cost?

A 350 is a small block, Not a big block. And you can buy that engine new from GM. for about $2000.00

Will a Chevy 350 fit in a 76 Buick skylark?

It should but definitely check with a GM dealer's service center.

Where can you get a 350 that can fit a 1985 Chevy Scottsdale?

Any GM dealer, any GM warehousing distributor, almost any auto parts store, most catalog outlets.

What is the difference between a Chevy 350 and a Pontiac 350?

believe it or not just because there both GM 350s. it doesnt mean anything. They are completely diffrent motors.. there is a Chevy/GMC 350,a Buick 350, Pontiac 350, an they are all very diffrent motors. there block an cranks are diffrent. there a whole diffrent design. there parts will not fit other 350s.

Will an oil base from a 78 350 gm fit a 74 350 gm?

Yes, There the same.

What type of power steering fluid for 1979 Chevy blazer 350 engine?

Gm fluid are something that's equivalent

1991 Z28 5.0 liter what size of engine is it 305 or 350?

Chevy-GM 5.0 liter is 305 CID.

Engine diagram 1975 gm 350 Chevy?

1984 350 wireing diagram Not sure what you're after, but a factory service manual would be your best bet.

Did GM goodwrench 350 motors come standard in 1979 Chevy pick up?

GM replacement engines are very similar to the engines used in those trucks, but not exactly the same.

Is there a difference in the block heads of a 1971 gm 350 and 2000 gm 350?

Yes, they are very different.

Do you need to change the distributor on a new 350 crate engine to install it in a 57 Chevy?

i have a gm goodwrench 350 with a summit hei distributor in my 58 Chevy truckits about 1/2 inch from my firewallso... little room to spare but yes it worked

Will a 350 8 cylinder motor fit into a 1998 Chevy Camaro?

Yes it will. GM. put alot of V8 engines in that year camaro.

What causes oil to spit up out of oil dipstick tube on a gm 350 v 8engine?

It could be a bad PCV valve. The PCV valve sits in the top of the valve cover and opens and closed to allow the engine to ventilate properly. If it is stuck closed the engine will not vent properly.