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Where is the PCV valve located in a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 with dohc?

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I have been looking for the same answer for a while. Nobody can help me. A autoparts salesman said it was in between the firewall and the engine but I did not see it. Supposedly a pain to find??? Sorry, I'm waiting myself. The easiest way to find the PCV on a 2000 ZX3 (ZTEC engine)is to stand directly in front of the engine and look at the right side of the oil filler cap. From there, approx 10 inches directly below the the right side of the cap, you will see a black rubber hose/tube (3/4 inches)inserted into a rubber gromlet--the PCV valve!! If you were to follow the hose/tube back through the emission components, you would find it connects to the lower rear of the throttle body. I found this hose/tube to be melted and also replaced it. I have an 01 Focus ZX3, I replaced the the PCV valve a day or two ago it's located on the front of the engine, to the right and just below the exhaust header! It's in a part of the oil system called the oil pre-heater and it's basically there to releive pressure in the oil system. To remove it find someone with smallish hands because it's in a very tight spot simply pull it out of the pre-heater and disconect it from the breather hose and push the new one back in to it's place and re-attach the hose. There are no tools needed just the valve and a set of small hands. I HIGHLY recomend that you do not run your engine for atleast and hour before you try to get at it. Have fun I know I did!

2005-08-05 18:01:10
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