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Where is the PCV valve located on a 1998 Grand Prix GT?


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It is not like most cars that I have had where you simply pull off a hose and pull out the valve. It is inside a housing that you remove two bolts and take off the cover which has a heavy duty spring under it so take it off slowly. Then remove the spring and I used some needle-nose pliers to grab the nipple of the valve and it pulled right out. I then replaced it with a new valve and put it back together the same way I took it off.

For a detailed desrciption of how to replace with pics check out:



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it is on the rear valve cover.very hard to get to..The pcv valve is not visible on a 3800 series II engine, which I presume you have in your Grand Prix, because it is located under the MAP sensor. You will find that at the front of the engine, where the serpentine belt is located. Unplug the connector to the MAP sensor and then you will have to unclip the sensor itself. You will then see pcv valve underneath.3For a 3800 normally asperated check out the following website for pics and instructions."G"

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