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Q: Where is the Pokemon Ranger in Pokemon Pearl?
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How get regice regirock and registeel from Pokemon ranger to Pokemon pearl?

There is no way to send regice regirock and registeel from ranger to pearl. the only Pokemon that can be transferred from ranger to pearl is the manaphy egg.

Can you get all the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

No. You need codes and a friend who has pearl. (and Pokemon ranger) or YOU could have Pokemon pearl and Pokemon ranger not just your friends.

Can you migrate from Pokemon Ranger?

You can transfer from Pokemon ranger to Pokemon diamond or pearl. I know you can, but don't know how.

Is there a way to get Pokemon from Pokemon Ranger onto platinum?

no its only the old Pokemon ranger and diamond and pearl

Can you get maniphy on Pokemon Pearl?

get it as a mystery gift from Pokemon ranger

Where do you download the manapy egg into Pokemon pearl?

from Pokemon ranger

How to get manaphy on Pokemon Pearl?

You get a Manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger.

Where do you get manaphay in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to trade it from Pokemon ranger after you complete it. it is a special mission on the ranger net.

Where do you find manaphy in Pokemon Pearl?

get An Egg From Ranger And Transfer It To Pearl

How do you transfer a Manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger to Pokemon Pearl?

you need 2 ds's. one with ranger and one with pearl. then turn on the ranger game and do what it says in the manaphy mission.

What will you get after you on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Pokemon platinum' Pokemon ranger shadows of almia

Can you get Pokemon from ranger 1 to pearl?

Yes, you can send the Manaphy Egg from Ranger Net to either Diamond or Pearl.

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