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Where is the Transmission Dip Stick for the 2000 Mercury Mystique GS?

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The trani dipstick is located on the back side of the motor divers side. If you are looking for a color don't bother its black so i recommend a flash light to catch the glare from the shine. Hope it helps. Oh check in behind the radhoses i had a good old time trying to find mine.

2007-05-04 02:18:52
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Q: Where is the Transmission Dip Stick for the 2000 Mercury Mystique GS?
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How long is a oil dip stick for a 2000 mercury mystique?

How long is a mercury mystique oil dip stick

Where is the thermostat on 2000 Mercury Mystique?

where is the thermostat at on a 2000 mercury mystique

2000 Mercury Mystique Timing belt issues?

Is it safe to drive my 2000 Mercury Mystique with a bad timing belt?

When was the last year the mercury mystique was made?

The last model year of the Mercury Mystique was ( 2000 )

What grade or kind of oil is best for a 2000 mercury mystique?

According to the 2000 Mercury Mystique Owner Guide ( 5W-30 )

What does a 2000 Mercury Mystique look like?

are you stupid?? type in 2000 mercury mystique in your search engine and look at the pictures that come up! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Why does your 2000 Mercury Cougar stick in first gear when you shift?

you need a new transmission

Where do you refill the transmission fluid on a standard 2000 Mercury Cougar?

Dip stick tube

Is your Mercury Mystic 2000 front wheel drive?

Yes , the 2000 Mercury Mystique is front wheel drive

What can you do when panel lights in a 2000 Mercury Mystique burns out?

replace it

Is your 2000 Mercury Mystique front wheel drive?


Where is transmission dip stick on a 2000 mercury marquis?

Look by the firewall to the right ( passenger side ) of the engine

Where is the fuel pump located on a 2000 Mercury Mystique?

under the rear seat

How do you replace starter on a 2000 Mercury Mystique?

get a mechanic to do it...seriously... its not worth the aggravation...

How much does it cost to fix a engine cylinder misfire on a 2000 mercury mystique?

The exact cost to fix an engine cylinder misfire on a 2000 Mercury Mystique will depend on the exact type of engine it has, but can cost around $1,000.

Where is fuel pump relay on 2000 mercury mystique?

On a 2000 Mercury Mystique : Relay ( R1 ) in the power distribution box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment is your fuel pump relay You can view the 2000 Mercury Mystique owners manual online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides ( the fuses and relays section starts on page 143 )

Where is the transmission dip stick on a 2000 mercury cougar?

yellow handle. below the throttle near the brake master cylinder

Is there a transmission fluid dipstick on a manual 2000 mercury cougar?

On a 2000 Mercury Cougar : No , only the automatic transaxle ( transmission ) has a dipstick

Will a transmission on a 2005 mercury mountaineer fit on a 2000 mercury mountaineer?

No,a transmission on a 2005 mercury mountaineer will not fit on a 2000 mercury mountaineer unless you change the oil message on the mountaineer.

How big is the gas tank on a Mercury Mystique?

A 2000 Mercury Mystique has a gas tank capacity of 15.0 gallons. Perhaps someone else can chime in if more data is available for other years of Mystiques.

How do you remove the gas tank from a 2000 Mercury Mystique?

You must remove the entire rear fender.

2000 Mercury Mystique 4-cylinderinders How many quarts of oil does it take?

Correct Amount2000 MERCURY MYSTIQUE 2.5L 6-cyl Engine CAPACITIESEngine, with filter 5.8 qts2000 MERCURY MYSTIQUE 2.0L 4-cyl EngineCAPACITIESEngine, with filter 4.6 qtsyeai thought that a 2000 was a 6 cyl but if it IS a 4 cyl then no more that four quarts...add three and a half check it it off...etc -bilodeau

Has any changed a flywheel on a Mercury Mystique I know it is complicated but my mechanic wants 800 to do it and I really dont want to pay that much Its a 2000 V6?

suck it up you have to pull the transmission out to replace the flywheel

What type transmission fluid for 2000 Mercury Sable?

According to the 2000 Mercury Sable Owner Guide : ( Motorcraft MERCON - V , automatic transmission fluid in both types of automatic transaxle / transmission )

Where is the fuel shutoff on a 2000 Mercury Mystique?

On a 2000 Mercury Mystique : The fuel pump shut off switch ( inertia switch ) is in the drivers footwell behind the kick panel ( The interior trim panel in front of the door by the drivers left foot , there is an access hole through the panel )