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on my 93 its in front of radiator drvers side

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Q: Where is the Washer Fluid reservoir on a 1994 Thunderbird?
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Where is the washer fluid reservoir for 94 geo prism lsi?

The washer fluid reservoir for a 1994 Geo Prizm is located in the engine compartment on the passenger side. In 1994, it was located right behind the headlamp on the passenger side.

Where is the windshield washer sensor on 1994 jeep Cherokee?

Its on the side of the wiper fluid reservoir.

What type of brake fluid do you use for a 1994 Ford Thunderbird?

For a 1994 Ford Thunderbird : ( DOT 3 brake fluid , meeting Ford specification ESA-M6C25-A )

How do you change the battery in the 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix?

The battery on most models is under the washer fluid reservoir which has to be removed to reach it. After that just loosen the cables and lift it out.

Where does the Power steering fluid go in a 1994 mustang?

P/S fluid reservoir.

Can you put a 1994 thunderbird motor in a 1996 thunderbird?

Can you put a 1994 thunderbird motor in a 1996 thunderbird?

Where is the clutch fluid reservoir on a 1994 Mazda 626 LX?

On the firewall drivers side. Clutch runs from the brake reservoir

Where is the brake fluid reservoir on a 1994 Ford Explorer?

On the drivers side of the firewall.

Where do you refill clutch fluid in a 1994 Ford Escort?

Refilling clutch fluid in a 1994 Ford Escort is very easy to do. The clutch fluid can be refilled by filling up the brake reservoir.

Where do you put brake fluid in a 1994 Ford Probe?

The 1994 Ford Probe has a brake fluid reservoir that should be mounted on the drivers side firewall. Remove the cap on top to add fluid.

Where is the brake fluid reservoir in a 1994 Ford Explorer?

The brake fluid reservoir in your Ford Explorer is in the engine compartment , near the firewall . It is on the drivers side of the engine compartment .

Where is the windshield washer pump on a 1994 Lincoln mark viii?

Mounted directly along side the winshield washer fluid tank.

Where do you put the power steering fluid on 1994 gmc jimmy?

Power Steering pump reservoir.

What kind of clutch fluid does a 1994 jeep wrangler s take?

check your owners manual and the reservoir cover to be sure (sometimes the reservoir cover is labled) but most take DOT3 brake fluid.

Where do you add convertible top hydraulic fluid on a 1994 Mercedes Benz 500SL?

The fluid reservoir tank is located under spare tire. Does anyone know what type of fluid is used for convertible top on 1994 sl500.

Will 24 inch rims fit on a 1994 ford Thunderbird?

bolt pattern for a 1994 ford thunderbird

Which reservoir do you add brake fluid in on your 1994 Honda accord?

The one on top or near the master cylinder. On the cap is written the type brake fluid to use.

Where does the clutch fluid go in a Toyota hiace van made in 1994?

The clutch reservoir is located in the righthand side of the dash. The brake reservoir is incorporated with the clutch. delete the other answer.

How do you change a windshield washer pump on a Cutlass Supreme 93?

I recently had to put a washer fluid bottle and washer pump in a 1992 Cutlass Supreme convertible that I purchased. I believe the 1993 is the same. The windshield washer pump mounts vertically on the back side of the windshield washer fluid bottle. You will likely have to remove the brace on the driver's side, and the two nuts holding the left side fuse block to the fender. You will also have to undo the positive battery terminal. Undo the two clips holding the washer reservoir at the front. Start to lift the washer reservoir out, and you should see the hose that is connected at the back rear of the reservoir. You can unclip the hose using a long flat head screwdriver. You should be able to see the washer pump mounted vertically at the rear of the bottle. Unclip the electrical connector and you can pull the pump straight up out of the bottle. I found a washer reservoir and a washer pump at a "U-Pick" scrapyard and believe that I paid $5.00 for both and they worked great. The washer bottle came out of a Lumina, the washer pump from a Sunfire and I noticed that it had the same part number on it as the one in my Cutlass. Once I had all that back together, I wasn't getting any fluid on the windshield, but noticed some running in the cowling at the bottom of the windshield. The lines were disconnected under the cowling, and by removing the panel at the bottom of the windshield, I was able to reconnect it. Good Luck, Kevin Baillie (Two 1992 Cutlass Supreme Convertibles, one 1994 Cutlass Convertible, and a 1994 Cutlass Ciera)

Where is the steering wheel fluid on 1994 Geo Prizm?

The power steering fluid is stored in the power steering reservoir. The power steering pump is driven by a belt. Look for it.

Is there a clutch fluid reservoir in a 1994 ford explorer limited with automatic transmission?

no , only with the manual transmission for the hydraulic clutch

Where is the transmission fluid dipstick and reservoir in a 1994 Honda Accord LX?

In the front of the engine at the bottom in front of the radiator passanger side

Is 1994 ford thunder bird obd1 or 2?

A 1994 Ford Thunderbird is ( OBD I )

What is the total power steering fluid capacity for a 1994 Toyota 4Runner?

The reservoir for the power steering fluid on a 1994 Toyota 4Runner takes approximately 1/4 a liter. The whole system uses slightly less then two quarts.

Where is the clutch fluid reservoir on a 1994 Mazda B4000?

1st open your engine hood , on the drivers side on the firewall next to the hood hinge you will see a round cylinder with a black cap on it this is your clutch reservoir.