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"If the vacuum system functions normally at idle but goes to defrost during acceleration, a small leak exists in the system. The leak can be located by turning off the engine and using a hand vacuum pump/gauge to check for vacuum delay while selectively blocking off vacuum hoses. I would start with the vacuum tank and check valve under the hood. This is the most likely location of a leak".

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Q: Where is the air conditioner vacuum line on a 2003 Ford Supercrew When you accelerate the AC comes out of the defrost vent and when you let off the gas it comes out of the dashboard vent?
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Why is your air conditioner only coming out of the defrost in the car?

It have battery

Why would the air conditioner blower on my 2001 Ford Expedition switch to defrost as I accelerate to 1800rpm?

Loss of vacuum due to leak or bad vacuum caninster. Defrost is the default on this system and when vacuum drops it goes into default mode Check for leak either under hood or under dash area

Where is the pass-key module located on a 1991 Camaro?

It is conveniently located on the passenger side forward surface of the defrost air distributor. To access it, remove the dashboard cover, remove the air conditioner controls and radio, remove all right side lower dashboard fasteners, noise deadening panels, etc, pull dashboard assembly away from firewall, rotate defrost air distributor slightly clockwise, and you can reach in and remove the module (grey) with a 7mm open end wrench this guy is exactly right.

Why does Air conditioner work on defrost only and no front vents or floor?

Vacuum leak

Where is the relay for a rear window defrost on a 2005 Chrysler 300?

The 2005 Chrysler 300 rear window defrost relay switch can be found beneath the drivers side dashboard. The rear window defrost relay switch will be near the center console.

Your central air conditioner turns on but is not blowing through the vents?

If central air conditioner turns on but is not blowing through the vents, check the filter. If it is dirty, change it. Change the thermostat into cool, this will defrost the air conditioner.

What are the buttons in a car called that turn on air conditioner and defrost etc called?

buttons buttons buttons

I have a 2004 Ford Mustang and you will just be riding along and my air conditioner will just randomly start blowing air out of my defrost vents What is going on here?

You have a vacuum leak causing your vents to switch from dash to defrost.

Why does 2000 Buick Lesabre Custom Air Conditioner blow only through defrost vents?

The vacuum supply line from the engine is disconnected or broken. When the vacuum supply is cut off the system defaults to the defrost mode.

Why would your air conditioner blow out of the defrost vents ON 2000 F-350?

You probably have a jammed or otherwise defective vent door.

What causes the front air conditioner on 1999 Lincoln navigator to stop blowing through the ac vents and start blowing through the defrost vents?

When there is a problem in the vent system it defaults to defrost setting. Check the doors & vac supply

1995 ford ranger when fan is on defrost air conditioner comes on at the same time Is this a switch problem?

When you select the defrost setting , the air conditioning compressor will kick in and out to help dehumidify the air , that's normal to hear the compressor kicking in and out

S10 Blazer Air conditioner is not working the switch on the dash that controls the system doesn't seem to do anything stuck on flowing air out the windshield defrost only?

Check the vacuum supply from the engine. If it is disconnected or cracked the system will default to defrost only.

Can you defrost a pork roast in microwave?

You can if your microwave has a defrost mode.You can if your microwave has a defrost mode.You can if your microwave has a defrost mode.You can if your microwave has a defrost mode.You can if your microwave has a defrost mode.You can if your microwave has a defrost mode.

Is the air conditioner fan on a 1996 Chrysler sebring supposed to run all the time?

no, only with defrost or ac on or if coolant temp is hot enough

The AC only comes out the defrost and out the Bottom.How can I make it come out the vents?

There is most likely a vacuum leak on the line from the engine to the air conditioner control.

Air conditioner switches to defrost while driving?

Check the following items......... 1. Vacuum leak/leaks. 2. Switch. 3. Controller.

What does it mean when a freezer says Manual Defrost and Automatic Defrost?

Manual defrost is the instructions for you to manually defrost your freezer and automatic defrost is saying the freezer defrost on it's own.

Why is your HVAC unit outside freezing in the winter?

Your unit is freezing up out side like a block of ice? if so then obviously you have a heat pump.. what is happenong is your defrost board or thermostat on the out side unit is no good and needs to be replaced.. if you cant afford service on it, to defrost the unit some what quickly, turn your air conditioner on for abour 5 minutes.. that should defrost the unit..

Is air conditioner compressor supposed to kick on even while not in use on 1999 ranger?

If the outside temperature is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit ( 10 * C ) or higher and the defrost or floor and defrost modes are selected the air conditioning compressor will cut in and out as it dehumidifies the air ( that's normal )

What is the correct prefix for frost?

It is defrost.

Why does the coolant fan in a 1994 Saturn only come on when the air conditioner is on?

Cooling fan is designed to come on only when A/C, defrost, or engine temperature exceeds 235 degrees

Why does a Chevy truck air conditioner stay on?

It only stays on when the air flow is turned to defrost. It does this because the air condition has a dryer on it that dries the air which defrosts the windshield better.

What would make the heat blow out of the defrost vents and not the front vents of a 1995 Cadillac Sedan Deville?

The moveable "baffle" inside the dashboard is not redirecting the air flow as it should. It's operated either by vacuum or an electric motor, in either case, repair is going to require the removal of the dashboard.

1998 ford explorer heat and air conditioner only comes out the defrost?

The first thing that you need to start checking for is a broken vacuum line/lines or one that has come off.............