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The secondary air pump is located under the front bumper on the right hand side. It's about the size of a soft ball. If replaced, remember to get the breather vent extension kit. If you don't replace this, the pump will go out again due to water getting in the pump. My Blazer has had the air pump change 3 times by the dealer, all without charge even after the warantee expired. This last one lasted 50,000 miles. It's now out again at 101,000 miles, and I'll have to pay for this one. The first replacement at 13k miles just had the pump replaced, second at 30K had the pump and inlet hose discussed above replaced and third, at 51k, had the discharge lines with defective check valves replaced along with the air pump. The computer code asked about in the question is a code read from a connector under, and at the front edge, of the dash, just below the steering wheel. You can go to most auto parts chains and they'll read it for you, or you can buy a scanner and read it for yourself. The air pump code is P0410. There is an aftermarket air pump available, I'll try this next and repost if it doesn't last long.

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Q: Where is the air pump or air injector Computer Code 410 on a 2001 Chevy Blazer?
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