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the module should be located either in the panel of the trunk (on left or right side behind a panel along with the computer)..HIGHLY likely..or it is behind the glove box..i will ask my father and get back to you with the EXACT answer..he's a mechanic and owns a 86 mark vii lsc.. It is located behind the spare tire in the trunk. You may have to remove the interior panel behind the tire to gain access.

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IT's in the trunk left side behind support there's a 3 inch plug with a nut it's plugged in to the module. 3 nuts hold it in lace.

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Q: Where is the air suspension electronic control module on a 1989 Lincoln Mark 7?
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Where is the air suspension electronic control module on a 1998 Lincoln mark 8?

Usually in the trunk on the right hand side behind the carpet.

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The sir suspension switch should be located in the front passenger wheel well. It should be there on a Lincoln Continental and most other vehicles with air suspension.

Where is the 2001 Lincoln Navigator air suspension control module?

passenger side look behind the glove box.

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Right next to the gas moduale

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5A. Stop Lamp Switch, (Speed Control, Brake Shift Interlock, ABS, PCM Module Inputs), GEM Module, Autolock, Air Suspension Module.

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Engine control module, or electronic control module

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Where is the lighting control module located on a 1999 Lincoln town car

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The 2003 Navigator suspension module is located under the dash on drivers side above the parking brake pedal.

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In the trunk

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The 2003 Lincoln Town Car power control module is located on the firewall, in the engine compartment. The module will be on the drivers side of the firewall.

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