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in the center of the dashboard

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Q: Where is the air suspension module located on a 1997 Ford Expedition?
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Does 1997 expedition have front air suspension?

On a 1997 Ford Expedition : ( NO ) not on the front suspension It could have the REAR load levelling air suspension

Where is the body control module in a 1997 Oldsmobile aurora?

The body control module, on your 1997 Oldsmobile, is located on the rear suspension. The module is mounted on the passenger side of the rear axle.

Where is the air suspension module on a 95 Lincoln town car located?

1995-1997 Town Car The module is located behind the glove box. Flip the glove box down and locate the air suspension module mounted on the heater core directly in front of you.

Where is the oil pump located on my 1997 Ford Expedition?

where is the oil pump located on 1997 ford expedition

Where is the pcm module for a 1997 Chevy pickup?

where is the pcm module located on my 1997 Chevy truck

Where is anti theft module on the Lincoln continental 1997?

Anti-Theft Module located on a 1997 Lincoln Contintental?

Where is the air suspension control module located on a 1997 grand marquis?


Where is the pcm relay on 1997 Ford Expedition?

In a 1997 Ford Expedition : In the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment ( the # 6 relay is the Powertrain Control Module power relay ) * it is located near fuse # 28 and # 29 I believe near the brake fluid reservoir end of the box

Where is the heater control valve for a 1997 Ford Expedition located?

where is the heater control valve for a 1997 ford expedition

Why do the daytime running lights of a 1997 Ford Expedition stay on after the vehicle is turned off?

You probably need to check the headlight module located neer the front of the vehicle

What is the Gas Tank capacity for 1997 Ford Expedition 4.6?

For a 1997 Ford Expedition : 2 wheel drive with standard suspension ( 26.0 U.S. gallons ) 2 wheel drive with rear air suspension , and 4x4 vehicles ( 30.0 U.S. gallons )

The passenger rear of 1997 expedition is leaning what kind of suspension do they have?

The Expedition can have the regular rear suspension...coil springs, shocks, etc or it could also have been equipped with air suspension. If yours is leaning to one side I'd bet you have air suspension and a bad air bag.

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