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Where is the airbag module location on a 1996 Honda Accord and how do you reset it?


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2007-09-03 18:37:25
2007-09-03 18:37:25

See Josh Zworg has a great how-to with pictures. JoKing2


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The 1999 Honda Accord airbag computer module can be found behind the kick plate. The module will be on the passenger side.

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How do you turn on the passenger airbag on a 05 Honda accord lx

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The keyless entry module on a1998 Honda Accord is located underneath the dashboard. It is housed on the driver-side the of dash close to the main relay.

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Where is the front airbag sensor located on the Honda Accord V6 2003

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do 1991 honda accords have airbags?

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