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Where is the alarm module located on a 97 Golf?


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2005-10-10 22:59:46
2005-10-10 22:59:46

The alarm module should be located at the bottom of your windshield under the panel that covers your wiper motor. I've been told it could be in different spots depending on the year but the horn for your alarm should be below your wipers so you can disconnect the horn if your having troubles with your alarm. I just found mine. It is under the dashboard, above the fuse box. Near the headlight switch. Lower fuse box to gain access. It is a black box with two connectors on it. 6 and 10 pin on mine.


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How to permanently disable alarm system? You will need to find the alarm module. Likely, under the dash on the driver's side. Once you find the alarm module you should be able to unplug it. I'm not familiar with a Code alarm but the aftermarkets ones are all pretty much alike. The modules are usually black, about 3.5 inches square and about an inch thick.Hope this helps

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on a 97 its behind the passenger side kick panel

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my Nissan sentrs 1997 that wont start i think its the alarm systerm how do i overide the systerm

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