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Where is the alternator on a 1995 Montero Sport LS and what is the best way to get to it to replace it?


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2006-06-03 02:05:10
2006-06-03 02:05:10

Without knowing your level of expertise I must assume the most basic and have tailered my explanation toward that end (so please do not be offended if you already know all this). The alternater on a 1995 Montero LS is on the front right (IE passenger) side of the engine. It is best accessed from beneath after the splash plate has been removed. Befor proceeding you MUST remove the Battery's Ground Cable (be sure to note your radio stations so you can put them back in when finished). You will need to loosen the idler pully for the serpentine belt that drives it first. It can be clearly seen from the bottom. Then pull the two bolts that hold the alternator on and tip it to access the eletrical connections and remove them. If you plan to rebuild it yourself (as I did) then be extra carfull to avoid twisting the B+ insulator (under the Alt-bat cable) as it will break if you do. If anyone is interested in the full rebuilding proceedures let me know. I can tell you this, it will cost a LOT more to swap it out with a new/rebuilt than to DIY. Good luck!


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