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If you need to know that. You should not be behind the wheel.

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Q: Where is the amfm radio dial on a 1994 Oldsmobile achieva?
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When was the first AMFm Radio invented?


Can you put a stock ford ranger CD player in a ranger with only the amfm radio?


How do you replace a 2000 impala amfm with a 2002 amfm casscd player and by pass security lock?

If you are simply installing a different "aftermarket" radio then all you really have to do is pull the old radio out. Purchase a "wiring harness" specifically for you vehicle. Plug that into the wiring for the radio (from your vehicle) and plug the other end into the back of the radio. You can do it by splicing and connecting all the wires but that is not worth it all things considered.

Does a 1998 Chevy Lumina amfm radio have and auxiliary input?

No. You can buy adapters that plug into the rear of the head unit, though.

How do you remove the standard anti theft radio on your Volvo 940 It has amfm and cassette?

There's a nice tutorial on how to do that here:

Can a 1996 Toyota Tacoma AMFM Cassette be replaced with a 2000 Toyota Tacoma AMFM CassetteCD one for one?

yes, interior changes happen post 2000.

How do you repair or replace the clock display in a 1989 f-150 original equipt amfm radio that has gone dim?

It has a small light bulb in the radio you have to replace. Take the radio out and take it apart and you will see it in the front. You can get it from a Ford dealer or try - Enter year,model and make and go down to Electrical-Lamp & Socket/ Radio Dial Light Bulb

What color wires are on a 1965 Ford Thunderbird AMFM radio?

speaker is black-, blue with brownish stripe + on power connector their are 4 wires ,2 of them are black,1 green,last is black with green stripe

Locked radio: just purchase your daughter 01 malibu 3.1 had amfm only purchased amfm cassette cd player from ebay put it in displayed LOCKED any comments without taking to dealer?

In my Malibu, I have a theft deterrant system. When it is enabled, and there is a power interrution, the am/FM radio and the CD player will be locked until I use a numerical password to unlock it. I don't know if that is the problem in your case, or what you would do about it since the CD player is from a different source. You would try and they might be able to help you...

Is there a way to replace the LCD in a 97 amfm CD radio?

a very regular problem about this is no the lcd, the problem is the led that is back the lcd, just replace it.if the numbers you can see them just in the night im sure is just the led.

If you have 93 Pontiac Transport how do you fix the volume on the radio and all the different things on the steering wheel like the tuning volume amfm none of this works do you have to check the fuses?

The steering wheel controls are probably bad The only fuse is the radio fuse and if the radio works the fuse is OK Also if you do not have the original stereo, and your new stereo does not have a place to plug in those controls they will not work.

Ac delco amfm CD player says error when insert CD?

Try a head cleaner disc

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