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Amazon river watershed.

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What is the native continent of the anaconda?

south amarica

What county do anacondas live?

The anaconda is native to the tropical countries of South America.

What type of snakes eat the scarlet macaw?

All of them. ............................. A native snake like the anaconda can eat a macaw!!

Is the anaconda bigger than the hippopotamus?

Generally speaking, the anaconda is not bigger than a hippo, at least by weight. The biggest anaconda (at 200 to 300 pounds) might be able to kill and eat a baby hippo (under 100 pounds). But the hippopotamus grows up to be a big animal, and a 3 ton beast is not out of the question. No anaconda could take down an adult hippo. It might also be worthy of note that the hippo is a native of sub-Saharan Africa, and the anaconda is a South American native found in the Amazon basin. The two species don't meet in the wild.

What is a sentence for anaconda?

I would not like to encounter an anaconda in the wild. The anaconda is a known constrictor.

What are the kinds of anaconda?

there are 2 kinds of anaconda 1) green anaconda 2) yellow anaconda

What is the difference between green anaconda and anaconda?

The anaconda is smaller and less green than the green anaconda.

What are south America's native animals?

Andean Condor,Piranha,Capybara,Southern Right Whale,Anaconda,,Giant Tortoise

How many types are anaconda?

There are four types of anaconda. they are as follows the yellow anaconda ( Eunectes notaeus ) , the green anaconda ( Eunectes murinus ) , the Bolivian anaconda ( Eunectes beniensis ) , the dark spotted anaconda ( Eunectes deschauenseei ).

How many types of anacondas are therse?

There are 4.Bolivian anacondaDark spotted anacondaGreen anacondaYellow anaconda

Which is bigger a python or anaconda?

both but they say anaconda so it's anaconda

What are the colors can an anaconda can be?

The two commonest species are the Green anaconda and the Yellow anaconda.

Is an anaconda a viper?

No, an anaconda is not a viper.

Can an anaconda eat an elephant?

A large anaconda could conceivable eat a baby elephant, but since anacondas are native to South America, while elephants are native to Africa and Asia, it is not likely that the anaconda would have the opportunity. On the other hand elephants are very protective of their young and the mother would probably stomp the snake into the ground if they did meet.An anaconda can never swallow an elephant. Swallowing is a different aspect altogether. It wouldn't be able to kill one. Elephants are not only the strongest animals, they are one of the smartest too.An anaconda wouldn't think of killing and swallowing a muscular man and hence it seems very implausible to include the mightiest animal in its menu.

Why was the Anaconda plan named after the anaconda?

It is called "Anaconda" because an anaconda squeezes its victim to death like the the Union is going to "squeeze" the South.

How are tha anaconda plan and the anaconda different?

They are the same thing. The press drew a cartoon of an anaconda, to indicate slow strangulation, and the Union's original war-plan was then nicknamed the Anaconda Plan (or the Anaconda).

Which is the bigger snake python anaconda or boa constrictor?

An anaconda: the biggest snake in the world is the green anaconda.

What are the Anaconda enemies?

You're the anemy of the anaconda

Is an anaconda an amphibian or a reptile?

An Anaconda is a reptile

Anaconda vs the spitting cobra?


What is the plural for Anaconda?

The plural of anaconda is anacondas.

What is the name of the first anaconda movie?


Do anaconda have legs?

No, anaconda are snakes and they do not have legs.

How long can an anaconda be?

The longest anaconda is the green anaconda, growing to 5.21 m (17 ft).

What is a baby anaconda snake called?

a baby anacona is called an anaconda.....regardless of age, it is an anaconda