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I'm not familiar with the 93 eclipse, I have a 97 GS and mine is located just about directly underneath the battery, on the transmission. You will see something that looks like it is screwed into the transmission and there will be wires a disconnection clip coming out of it. I think that they are normally located on the transmission. That would be the best place to look. Hope this helps!

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Q: Where is the backup lamp switch located on 93 eclipse GS?
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Where is the backup lamp switch located on a 1999 cougar v6 with a manual transmission?

on the side of the transmission

Where is the backup lamp switch on a 67 ford galaxie located?

It is located on top of the steering column, just below where the column bolts to the dash.

Where is the backup light switch located on a 1999 Ford Explorer Automatic?

The neutral start switch mounted on your automatic transmission also serves as the back up lamp switch.

Where is the backup lamp switch located on a 1999 eclipse gs?

Directly on top of the transmission. Since it isn't turbo model, it should be fairly easy to get to. Just remove the air intake tube and look at the top of the tranny from there, it will have a plug with two wires and is almost directly under the battery.

Where is the Backup Lamp Switch located on a 1990 Dodge Caravan 3.3 liter Chrysler Engine?

It is the little black cube shaped part wit a little stem that rests against the brake pedal.

Where is 1987 brougham trunk light switch Located?

in the lamp assy. Mercury switch

What is the purpose of backup light?

A backup lamp on a vehicle is there to see what is behind it. Another type would be a extra lamp ready to use if the main lamp fails.

How do you replace the backup alarm sensor?

There's no sensor for the backup alarm. It's either wired to the reverse lamp switch (or corresponding circuit from the transmission ECU if you're running an Allison) or spliced into the reverse lamp circuit. Either the alarm's not getting power, it's not grounded, or the alarm itself is faulty.

Where is the back-uplight switch located on a 2000 Venture?

, The backup light switch is part of the Transaxle Range Switch. This switch is mounted mounted on top of the transaxle, which is located on the rear left side of the engine compartment. The left side is the side as if you were sitting in the vehicle, so if you were in front of the van looking into the engine compartment, then that would be on your right. One other note: In some of these vans, the transaxle range switch is used to close the backup lamp relay, with is located on the right side of the steering column, behind the instrument panel. These are "export" models, which are made for use outside of the United States. Good Luck in your troubleshooting process, Greg

How do you replace backup lamp switch on 1995 Saturn SC1?

don't quote me on this but try to investigate the linkage under the plastic near the gear shifter good luck to ya

Where is the flasher located on a 2001 Saturn?

The turn signal flasher is incorperated with the Hazard lamp switch. The switch must be changed,then the directional lamps will work correctly.

What is a keyless lamp holder?

A lamp holder that turns on from a wall light switch not a switch on the device.

What is the bas esp light on a Mercedes ml500?

Most likely cause would be the stop lamp switch, located on the brake pedal. Do you know the code? If the code is C1200 then it IS the stop lamp switch. Just remove the underdash panel and you can see and replace the switch.

Where is the stop lamp switch located on 2011 KIA Sportage?

If you mean the switch that turns on the brake lights when you put the brakes on , it is above the brake arm of the foot pedal.

Where is the fog lamp switch on your new beetle?

Pull out on the headlight switch.

Where the under the hood light of a Jeep Wrangler switch is located?

The switch is part of the lamp assembly. qcbt3The lamp assembly uses a mercury switch similar to a home thermostat. as the switch body is moved (by raising the hood) encapsulated mercury flows from one end to the other of its capsule and makes the circuit for the under hood lamp. To test,remove the connector at the light assembly and check for 12 volts DC. If you have voltage, the circuit is good and you need to replace the light assembly. Usually the lamp contacts get corroded but the assembly is sealed and not owner serviceable.

Where is the stoplight switch on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring sedan?

The stop lamp switch is on a bracket above the brake pedal.The stop lamp switch is on a bracket above the brake pedal.

How do you change the lamp bulb on seat heater switch on a Honda Ridgeline?

You have to pull the switch out and the bulb is located behind that. Use something plastic to keep from scratching anything. Or a small screw driver.

Where is back up light switch located on Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition?

The neutral start switch mounted on your transmission allows the vehicle to start only in park or neutral, but also serves as the back up lamp switch.

How do you switch on a lamp?

press the button

What is wrong with your 1986 buick regal if the rear signal lights blink but the brake lights doesnt come on?

Probably either a bad brake lamp switch, improper adjustment of the brake lamp switch or a bad turn signal switch.The brake lamp switch also contains the cruise disconnect switch, but often only the brake lamp portion will fail due to the higher current involved in running the brighter lamps. The switch develops resistance caused by carbon tracking on the contacts from the spark that's created whenever the switch changes states.Also, the brake lamp circuit runs through the turn signal switch. If the brake lamp contact in the switch goes bad, you can have a situation where the brake lamps won't light but the turn signals function properly.

What are the numbers to on a 1973 dodge charger fuse box?

Cavity1:brake warning lamp,low oil warning lamp,interlock control unit, ignition run feed. Cavity2:horn relay, horns Cavity3:stop lamps, dome lamp, trunk lamp, hazard flasher circut. Cavity4:cig lighter,ign switch lamp time delay relay,ign switch lamp, glove box lamp, map lamp, seat belt warn lamp, seat belt key in buzzer, taillamps, lic lamp, side marker lamps, parking lamps, instrument cluster lamps (also cav5), switch title lamp, clock (rallye only) Cav5: gear selector lamp-column, radio lamp, inst cluster lamps (also in 4) gear sel lamp console, asy tray lamp, heater anda/c control lamp. Cav6: a/c compresser clutch, rear window defogger, temp gauge, fuel gauge, oil gauge(rallye),voltage limiter, tach (rallye) Cav7: heater blower motor, a/c blower motor. Cav8: backup lamps,turn signal circut, radio, reverse gear ind lamp.

Where is the back-up lamp switch in a 1966 ford mustang with 4-speed manual transmission?

The back-up switch is located on the transamission near the back, it is activated by the shifter rod when going into reverse. :: ::

What is three way switch?

A three way switch is use control in two station of the lamp

Why does the fuse keep blowing that runs the defroster switch and backup lamp switch and OD shift on a 2000 Explorer LTD?

Fuses blow due to overheating. Overheating is caused by, a short in the wiring, bad ground, overloaded circuit, too small a fuse for the load, short in the assembly the fuse is protecting, etc.