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The fashion capitals of the world are:

New York City, USA

Paris, France

Milan, Italy

London, England

Tokyo, Japan

Miami, USA

Los Angeles, CA

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American photographer Richard Avedon was best known for his work in the fashion world and for his minimalist portraits. He worked first as a photographer for the Merchant Marines, talking identification photos.

Media City - 2004 Fashion Media Work It was released on: USA: 1 June 2008

The work of the fashion leader in fashion is "design".

Annie Leibovitz began working as a professional photographer at the newly launched Rolling Stone magazine in 1970. As of 2010, she is still working as a commercial photographer, and recently completed a fashion shoot for Vogue.

A studio photographer is a photographer that takes pictures in their studio. The photographer can work for a company or for themselves.

Well if you are amateur you should work TFP (time for prints/images/cd(.

Alex Bland is a Fashion Photographer with an MA from the London College of Fashion who has worked for Solve Sunsbo. Alex's work ranging from pure aesthetic to constructed design, portraits, album covers has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Owner of Kristen Weaver PhotographyOrlando wedding photographer, also specializing in fashion and editorial work. Published as "one to watch" in Remedy Magazine, London.

A commercial photographer shoots work that will be used in advertising and packaging.

A candidate should be bachelors from any stream to work as fashion assistant.A contender with good photograph portfolio along with specified education requirements can perform as fashion model.To opt for fashion photographer, one needs bachelors in photography or in any stream along with diploma in photography.To work as fashion designer, an applicant should have minimum of Graduate or Masters in fashion designing along with creative fashion designing courses.An applicant must be a post graduate in any stream along with coordination diplomas and management courses to be a fashion coordinator

why do i want to work in mens fashion

Swati Bhatnagar is an Indian photographer known for her portraits. She is a fashion and portrait photographer. Her most popular work till date is 'One hundred years of solitude'.. In her own words "I don't like to be confined.. i don't just do portraits or fashion.. i do everything.. i can do everything and give it a character. I want to take Indian photography on the world map.. having a league of its own. She admires the work of Raghu Rai, a popular Indian photographer, Irving Penn, Diane ARBUS, Mario Testino, Richard Avedon, Martine Franck and Ellen von unwerth.

photographer have different jobs making their hours crazy. They can either work at night or during the day from 6-6 of 12-12 it just depends on what company they work for or if they are a personal photographer

A fashion designer might work with an assistant or help out other fashion designers.

about 2 in 10 people r photographer

7,000,000,0000 people work for a fashion company

how does fashion industry works?

A photographer sits at work or travels around the country taking different photographs of people, places, or nonliving things!

to work at fashion bug you have to be about 16 years old and up

Fashion designers work everyday and sometimes on holidays and birthdays. ----

does fashion design work in group,individual ,or both

A freelance photographer may work longer hours than the usual 9-5 job, depending on the scope of work to be done and deadlines.

Photographer's assistants do a variety of tasks, depending on the need and job. They can do anything from grip work, such as adjusting lights and props to getting the photographer coffee. To find a detailed description and personal account of the work of a fashion photographer's assistant visit

You do not necessarily have to be very educated to become a professional photographer. You just have to do good work.