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Boise LCD repairs, refurbishes, and resells Flat Panel LCD monitors, LCD and Plasma TV's, and notebook (laptop) LCD's.

Located in Boise, ID 83705. Mail in service available. For more information, call (208) 891-9117 or email us.

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Q: Where is the best place to buy a flat screen TV in Boise ID?
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Where is the best place to buy a flat screen tv?

The best place to buy a flat screen tv is at BestBuy or Future Shop. There is a wide selection of televisions and price points that lends itself to many different options for the consumer.

Where can one find a tutorial video on mounting a flat screen TV?

The best place to find a tutorial video on mounting a flat screen TV is YouTube. Do it yourself channels like TampaTec and Dummies have several videos available on mounting flat screen TVs.

Flat Screen TV Reviews?

form_title= Flat Screen TV Reviews form_header= Find the best flat screen for your needs and budget. What size flat screen are you most interested in?*= _ [50] Do you want to mount the flat screen?*= () Yes () No Do you want a Smart TV?*= () Yes () No

Which flat screen TV brand has the best quality of picture?

Sony currently has the best quality picture among flat screen televisions.

What are the best flat screen tv brands available?

The best flat screen tv brands available are Panasonic and Sony. They are both very popular.

Where can I buy a 32 inch flat screen tv on a lower price?

Walmart has flat screen tv for lower prices. I just bought my flat screen there, and at the time they had the lowest price. I looked all over for the best price they had the best.

Where can one purchase a computer flat screen?

There are many places where one can purchase a computer flat screen. One can purchase a computer flat screen at popular stores such as Apple and Best Buy.

What would be a good flat screen T.V. brand?

If you are looking for information about different brands of flat screen TV's is on of the best places to get real life peoples opinions about different flat screen TVs.

Is a flat panel television better than a big screen?

A flat panel television and a big screen television are not necessarily mutually exclusive. You can have a flat panel big screen television, which is the best television of all.

What is the best flat screen tv?

usually the best flat screen tv is an HDTV with an LCD screen. but it is also up to the buyer as to the size of the tv they are looking for or the different types of brand names to choose from

What solids best resembles a flat screen TV?


Can you play your PS3 on a flat screen?

yes if it has a place to connect the PS3

Where can flat screen Tv wall mounts be purchased?

Flat screen TV wall mount can be purchased virtually everywhere that a flat screen TV is sold. Discount retailers like Walmart carry them, as do electronic stores such as Best Buy.

Where is the best place to get a small flat screen tv?

the best place would probably be best buy because tvs are there specialty. but places like target, kmart, walmart, and sears could give you great deals for exactly what you want.

What is a flat screen t.v?

A flat screen t.v is one that has a flat designed front screen. Different from a flat panel in which the full t.v is made very flat and thin, not just the display screen.

Which brands of flat screen TV are considered to be the best?

These varies from person to person on what would be considered the best flat screen television. Some popular brands would be LG, Samsung, Sony, and Apple.

Which retailers have the best selection of flat screen LCD TVs?

There are many retailers that offer the best and latest selection of flat screen LCD televisions. Some of these retailers would include MicroCenter and BestBuy.

Where can I get a good flat screen monitor?

Best Buy offers competitive pricing on flat screen monitors as well as other items. They have a 4.3 customer rating. You can find Best Buy in most places in Florida.

What flat screen TV's get the best reviews?

It depends on what type of Flat Screen you are looking for. Do you prefer price over quality? What type of flat screen are you looking for? For the best Resolution, the Samsung PN51D6500 is voted highest quality for a 3D television. If you are looking for the best price the Panasonic TC-P50S30 at 999.00 has a great contrast ration and internet content for a great price.

Where can one purchase flat screen HD TVs?

One can purchase flat screen HD TV's at any number of locations. Electronics stores such as Best Buy have a great selection. Flat screen HD TV's can also be purchased at Sears and Walmart.

Can I buy flat screen TV stands at the same place I bought my TV?

You can absolutely buy flat screen TV stands the same place your TV was bought. BestBuy and Sears are both good places for purchasing both.

Where is the best place to buy a flat screen TV in Portland OR?

The best place I found was Video Only on Jantzen Beach. I just bought a new TV there and they had the lowest price originally, and after I hemmed and hawed about it they dropped it another $300!

What computer stores sell good quality flat screen monitors?

Some computer stores that sell good quality flat screen monitors include Dell and Best Buy. Alternatively, you can purchase good quality flat screen monitors from retailers such as Amazon.

What is the best brand of flat screen tv?

Searching for a new flat screen television can be made easier by the online reviews on This website allows searches by price, brand, screen size, and television type.

What do they call a flat screen TV?

They call a flat screen television a "big screen tv". That is the slang term. The scientific term for it is LCD flat-screen television. YOUR WELCOME!