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I am not familiar with a "blend door". Can you elaborate more about this device? What does it do, what is its purpose, etc.?

I saw this question on another ANSWER website for a F150. The blend door is the mixing, distribution chamber on the heater. On the F150 it was on the cabin firewall just above the transmission hump. On the E150 (van) it should be under the dash. Follow the air distribution lines to their source. When I get a more descriptive answer, I'll include it.

Above your passenger's feet is some black plastic duct work. Behind this is the heater core and behind that is the blend door. It is driven by a stepping motor on the right side. If this isn't working pray that the problem is in the electronics that feed the stepping motor. Once you remove the motor it is almost impossible to get it back in. Getting to the door requires a lot of work taking out a lot of stuff from very awkward positions. If you pull the motor the door falls down which is the fresh air/AC position. To get heat the door must be rotated up.

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2013-11-09 05:49:23
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Q: Where is the blend door on a 1997 Ford van E-150?
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