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Where is the blower located for a 1989 Dodge Dynasty?


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Its behind the glove box disconnect the negative battery cable remove the glove box assembly,lower right side instrumental panel trim cover and right cowl trim panel,as required.disconnect the blower lead wire connector If the vehicle is equpped with air conditioning the 2 vacuum lines from the recirculation door actuator and postition the actuator aside remove the 5 screws from around the blower housing and separate the blower housing from the unit remove the 3 screws that secure the blower assembly to the heater or air conditioning housing and remove the assembly from the unit.remove the fan from the blower motor by removing the spring type retaining ring from the center of the blower wheel.note the location of the fan-to-blower motor assembly for correct installation


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Where is coil located on a 1989 dodge dynasty at

It looks like a1989 dodge dynasty! Go to your browser search, and type in pictures of 1989 Dodge dynasty and you will see what a 1989 Dodge dynasty looks like.

The Dodge Dynasty was produced from the years 1988 to 1993. The wiring harness from the fuel pump to the battery in a 1989 Dodge Dynasty is located very close to the battery terminals.

What do you mean... A Dynasty has several Relays... they are located on the driver side of the car, on the inner fender.

Within the fuel tank. Tank needs to be removed.

# It inside the gas tank you got to drop the tank to get to it

There is a fuse box located on the inside of car near glove box.

For the 1989 Dodge Ram, the heater blower motor resistor can be found on the passenger's side, on the bottom of the heater box. It is beside the blower motor.

It is located just above the oil filter (located in front of engine under exhaust manifold)

I believe that the fuel filter is located under the passenger side just before the rear tire.

Only for the high speed. The lower speeds are controlled with the use of a blower motor speed resistor.

the blower moter is located just behind the battery in the black boxor on the black box

You will known when the fuel pump is working on the 1989 Dodge Dynasty because the engine will get fuel from the fuel tank. If the fuel pump is not working, the motor will be unable to idle or run.

Blower motor is located on the firewall behind the engine.

On all three engines it is next to the thermostat housing.

Wiper motor in my 1989 Dodge Dynasty was not located in the engine bay . Rather, it was hidden under the grill that sits between the windshield and the hood. Access via remove the grill screws, remove grill and you can see it . I discovered this when the wipers stopped functioning due to wires disconnected in this location . I do not know how that could happen .

I have a 1991 Dodge Dynasty that does exactly the same thing, thought it quite odd. Although after all these years I think I'm going to finally break down and buy new.

The 1989 Dodge Dakota automatic shutdown relay switch is located in the fuse box. The fuse box can be found in the engine compartment.

It is located behind the glovebox, above the heater/AC box. The heater core and AC must be removed to get at it. Good luck. It would be a good idea to get a manual, as many parts need to be removed to change the resistor. If you are good at wiring, you may want to change the location of the resistor.

Replace blower motor resistor usually located in the duct work or out in engine compartment in ductwork by heater motor.

By blower I assume you the motor.It is located under the hood,where the right inner & outer fender meet the firewall.

the dodge/ cummins engine does not have glow plugs

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