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Where is the blower motor resistor on a 1995 Plymouth Voyager SE van 3.0 and what is involved in replacing it?


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2006-02-27 18:07:49
2006-02-27 18:07:49

The blower motor is found under the dash on the passenger side , when you look in there you will find a round motor, there are uaually 3 bolts and the back one is a pain at times but with patience, it can be done.Patience in getting it back up in there are needed. Hope this helped. Bratt


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Under the hood, over top of the pass side strut tower.

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Under the hood, over the top of the passenger side strut tower.

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the resistor is gonna be right off the blower motor attached to the blower motor by a wire harness should be by the heater core

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The oil pan of a 1998 Plymouth Voyager is quite easy to remove. Simply remove the series of bolts around the housing of the pan. Make sure to purchase a new gasket when replacing the pan.

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