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behind the glove box open it and remove both stops on the sides, then hang it down, there is a box with a lid on it, remove it and they are in there. remember that the filter are directional, air flow is from top to bottom


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Purchase a Purolator Cabin Filter. It comes with complete instructions.

There is NO cabin filter for 2000 Honda Civic model (6th generation). Cabin filter started in 2001 and on (7th generation).

No, it has no cabin filter.

The cabin filter is located behind the glove box. Purchase a Purolator Cabin Filter as it comes with instructions on how to replace it.

The filter is conveniently located behind the glove that's the cabin air filter

Cabin filter originally N/A. Cabin filter can be retrofitted from newer Civics(w/a AC) or CR-V(w AC)

The cabin air filter on a 1998 Honda Accord is located behind the glove box. Unmount the glove box from its bracket and pull it out. The filter will then be visible.

No, it does not have a Cabin Filter.

The 1996 Honda Civic does not have a cabin filter.

The 1997 Honda Accord was not equipped with a cabin air filter.

The 1991 Honda Accord did not come equipped with a cabin filter.

how do i install the cabin air filter in a 2006 honda odyssey

I will post a link to a video I made on how to change the cabin filter on the 2003-up Accord. It is the same for your Element. Just watch the video.

doesn't have ac filter. Has a cabin filter located behind golve box

Under the hood in the filter housing. If you are asking about a cabin filter it does not have one.

It is behind the bottom glove compartment.

I have a 2003 (may be the same for your 2006) and the cabin filter is behind the glove compartment. I had to remove the glove compartment and then I could get to the cabin filter to replace it. Kind of hard to get to, but I was able to do it myself.

The 1994 Honda Accord is not equipped with a cabin filter.

its located at passenger side windsheald cover take that offf and you can see it....

The filter is located behind the glovebox just unclip the filter to remove it

Air Filter and Cabin FilterAir filter compartment is the biggest black plastic box under the hood. You have to remove four Philips screws pull the cover off and take out the filter. Don't forget to change your cabin air filter (it is a neat feature) This one is located behind the glove compartment.

The 1990 Honda Accord does not have a cabin filter.

A Chrysler Cirrus does not have a cabin filter.

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