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Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 98 Mercury Mystique 2.4??

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Q: Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 96 Mercury Mystique - Ford Contour?
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Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a mercury mystique?

The camshaft position sensor for a Mercury Mystique is located on top of the motor. It is bolted in the same place where older versions of the engine had a distributor.

Is the computer for the mercury mystique the same as the contour?

no it's not.

Are the parts for 1998 Ford Contour and 1998 Mercury Mystique interchangeable?


Where is the Tcc solenoid in a 97 Ford Contour - Mercury Mystique?

I believe it is only accessible by taking apart the transmission in the Mystique.

Where is the starter located on a Ford Contour - Mercury Mystique?

Connected to the bell housing. Fllow the wireing and you will find it.

What other vehicles have the same lug pattern as the 1999 mercury cougar vehicle?

Same year Mystique and Contour

Are the Ford Contour and Mercury Mystique the same car?

Basically, yes. The Mystique was simply a re-badged Contour with a little bit more "luxury" trim. All major components (engines, transmissions, suspension, etc.) were the same.

How many camshaft position sensors does the Mercury Cougar have?


Where can you buy a drivers door latch for 1995 Ford Mystique?

If you're referring to the Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique, check sites such as eBay, Craigslist, local salvage yards, etc.

How do I set the timing on a 1996 Mercury Mystique?

The ignition timing for the Mystique, Contour, and new age Cougar are controlled by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), and are not adjustable by the typical shade tree mechanic.

Where is the thermostat on 2000 Mercury Mystique?

where is the thermostat at on a 2000 mercury mystique

Camshaft position sensor location 4.6 mercury couger?

The camshaft position sensor is on the front of the engine block. It is on the right front about half way up.

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