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This Car is in The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Mich.

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2009-02-05 02:18:44
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Q: Where is the car that Kennedy was in when he was assassinated?
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What US president was assassinated in his car?

.... kennedy

Was Johnson with Kennedy when Kennedy was assassinated?

Yes, but he was in a different car behind him.

Who was in the car when John Kennedy was assassinated?

Mrs. J. Kennedy and the governor of Texas.

Who was in the car with John F. Kennedy when he was assassinated?

his wife

What car was president Kennedy riding in when he was assassinated?

A Ford Lincoln

Where was the Kennedy limo when he was assassinated?

President Kennedy's car was at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas when Kennedy was assassinated. The car had just turned left from North Houston Street to Elm Street and was on the north side of the Plaza when the shots were fired.

Who was with Kennedy when Kennedy was assassinated?

Kennedy was in the car with his wife Jackie, Governor of Texas John Connally and his wife, Nellie Connally.

WHY did John F. Kennedy get assassinated?

John F. Kennedy was assassinated because of his political beliefs. He was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald while in a car in Texas.

Where is the car Kennedy was assassinated in at?

the answer is they had a biding for the car startin from 2000000.00 going up and then someone bought it for 31231213.99

Win was Jackie Kennedy assassinated?

Jacqueline Kennedy was not assassinated. She died of cancer

Was John F. Kennedy the second president to get assassinated?

No. Kennedy was the fourth President to get assassinated. Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley were all assassinated before Kennedy.

Was Connally with Kennedy when Kennedy was assassinated?

Yes. Texas governor John Connally was sitting in the same car in the row of seats ahead of Kennedy. He was shot in the wrist.

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