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I found it on my 1995 tracker sitting just in front of the battery. Look for a clump of wires leading into what looks like an unused and capped electrical connector. It's about 3/4 of an inch at widest.

It depending on the Emissions family. On the sticker on your hood you should see a sticker that gives valve clearances, timing and so on. Where it shows you the setting 5 deg. before TDC. There is a symbol of the plug in. it is a rectangular divided into 6 squares. the top left is blank, no wire into the back. Two more in top and then three on the bottom. You put a jumper from the bottom left to the bottom middle. This should shoe on your plug diagram as a black line from on to the other. The plug in holes a tiny, so I usually strip out a piece of stranded wire and take two or three strands to use as a jumper.

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Q: Where is the check connector on 95 Geo Tracker 16 valve and how do you short circuit it to set the timing per hood instructions?
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The 1996 Geo Tracker 1.6 liter engine timing marks can be found on the outside of the main pulley. The timing marks will be scattered around the pulley.

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If you are asking where MIL is it is under hood on passenger side Blue/Yellow wire and Black wire. As far as timing notch on crank pulley,paint white, connect timing gun,8 degrees BTDC @800 rpm,if off loosen distributer bolt and adjust accordingly. This is assuming all other components are in working order timing belt etc.

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ignition timing or cam timing. see my profile for link. answers both.

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8 degrees BTDC

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You don't, it is controlled by the ECM.

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the location of the connector for setting the timing is located behind the glovebox on this truck not on the firewall as with older efi trucks

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0 deg -or- TDC With the distributor timing connector disconnected.

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Timing light. The instructions are on the engine hood.

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your truck does not have a bypass connector

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When it is disconnected it puts the electronic timing control module in limp mode,and then you can set the timing with a timing light.

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It's at at the top of the engine between the end of the valve cover and firewall. It has 1 connector coming out of it. It is adjustable. That's how you set your timing.. by loosening a single bolt on the drivers side, you can make adjustments.

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