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Where is the clutch fan on a 1995 Ford F150 and what would it take to have it repaired?


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2004-08-15 10:26:11
2004-08-15 10:26:11

Hey Colma==It is a fan clutch not vice versa. It is between the water pump and the fan. Simply get a new one and it eill be easier as to how you will go about thking the assenbly off of the water pump then separating the fan and clutch. GoodluckJoe


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how do you adjst clutch on 87ford f150

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It would a clutch safety switch if manual transmission - usually located at the upper end of the clutch pedal under dash area

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there's a quick disconnect on the transmission it might be bad or you might be running out of clutch.

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how do i find the neutral, or clutch switch on a 2003 ford F150?

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There are a few transmission fluids that can be used in a 1995 Ford F150. The most common fluid used would be Mercon ATF,

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