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Hey Colma==It is a fan clutch not vice versa. It is between the water pump and the fan. Simply get a new one and it eill be easier as to how you will go about thking the assenbly off of the water pump then separating the fan and clutch. GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2004-08-15 10:26:11
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Q: Where is the clutch fan on a 1995 Ford F150 and what would it take to have it repaired?
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How do you adjust clutch 1988 ford f150?

how do you adjst clutch on 87ford f150

Why would the clutch reservoir lose fluid in a 2000 F150?

there's a quick disconnect on the transmission it might be bad or you might be running out of clutch.

How much for a new clutch on a F150?

About 900

Where is the neutral safety switch located on a 1995 ford f150 pickup manual trans?

It would a clutch safety switch if manual transmission - usually located at the upper end of the clutch pedal under dash area

Is the clutch in an 1987 ford F150 hydraulic or not?


What kind of transmission fluid does a 1995 ford f150 take?

There are a few transmission fluids that can be used in a 1995 Ford F150. The most common fluid used would be Mercon ATF,

Where is neutral switch on 2003 ford F150?

how do i find the neutral, or clutch switch on a 2003 ford F150?

How do you replace the clutch on a 1990 F150?

i learned by watching the video

Where is the clutch master cylinder reservoir located on a 1995 Ford F150?

It is on the firewall, drivers side, next to the vacuum brake booster. It is the small reservoir closest to the fender.

What would cause a 1981 F150 to vibrate during heavy acceleration?

check the u joints.if vehicle is standard shift,i would also check the clutch

Why would a 2001 ford f150 cargo and interior light stay on when doors are closed and headlights are off?

why would a 1995 ford f150 interior and cargo lights stay on with the doors closed ?

Where can you find a replacement ignition key for a 1995 F150?

quiero saber si la troca F150 1995 tiene aigre a condisiado

How much horse power does a 1995 f150 with a 351 5.8 V8 have?

How much horse power does a 1995 f150 with a 351 5.8 V8 have?

F150 ford 4x4 rear end clutch pack?

please specify your problem.

Setting timing on a 1995 F150 4.9 6 cylinder.?

setting timing on a f150 4.9 6cyl

How much does a 1995 Ford F-150 weigh?

The 1995 Ford F150 came with four engine options and five trim levels. The curb weight for the 1995 F150 is 4,196 pounds.

Why won't my 93 Ford F150 w manual trans start unless I stand on the clutch petal?

Clutch safety switch not adjusted properly

What would cause a clutch to travel too easily until 2 inches from the floorboard and then have the proper tension that it should and it is difficult to get in gear when this happens 94 f150 6cyl?

it sounds like a loose clutch cable. can tighten from under hood or under clutch pedal.if that year has the adjustment.

Where is a diagram for a 1995 f150 relay box?

The diagram for a 1995 F150 relay box can be found in the owners manual of the car. It can also be found on the back of the cover to the relay box.

Would your truck cap from 1988 f150 fit on 2000 f150?

no it would not.

1998 ford f150 air bag code 52?

52 - intermittent or repaired lost battery feed

Where is the fuel pump on 1995 f150 4.9?

Its in the fuel tank

Location of pip sensor on a 1995 f150?

its on the back bumper

What is the curb weight of a 1995 F150 4WD?

18,826 lbs.

1990 ford f150 clutch switch?

Look at the upper end of the clutch pedal under the dash area Look at the upper end of the clutch pedal under the dash area Look at the upper end of the clutch pedal under the dash area