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There is no 'clutch switch' on a Beetle.

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Q: Where is the clutch switch located on a 1970 vw bug?
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Where is the brake light switch located on a 1970 VW beatle?

The brake light switch on that bug would be found on the brake master cylinder. Remove the fuel tank to make access easier.

Where is the ignition switch located on a 65 vw bug?

On an American 65 VW Bug the ignition switch is mounted on the dash and on the European model its mounted on the steering column.

When was Bond Bug created?

Bond Bug was created in 1970.

Where is the neutral starter on a 1968 vw bug?

The "neutral safety switch"? There isn't one, which you will appreciate the day your clutch cable breaks and you've got to float gears to get home.

Is thear a grease nipple on clutch on 1969 vw bug?


Is the throttle cable the same as the clutch cable on a vw bug?


What is the cylinder sequence on a 1970 bug with a 1600 dual port motor?

What is the cylinder sequence on a 1970 bug with a1600 dual port moter?

When was Thomas Bug born?

Thomas Bug was born on May 13, 1970, in Speyer, West Germany.

Where does the clutch fluied go on a 74 vw bug?

Unless someone has done a custom hydraulic clutch setup on this vehicle- there is no clutch fluid. It is a cable clutch linkage on a stock vehicle. If it has been customized there will be a easily identifiable reservoir connected to the clutch pedal or connected to the clutch master cylinder by a hose.

Where is the high beam switch on a 1967 volkswagen bug?

The high beam switch is on the reverse of the turn signal switch arm

Why wont 1968 Volkswagen bug go into first gear?

The clutch is bad or out of adjustment.

Have a 67 bug that won't go into first gear What do we check 1st?

clutch adjustment.

Why is your Green dash light on in 1970 beetle?

oil temp- 1970 1600 sp euro bug

How do you get the bug on animal jam?

Easy, all wait in what location is the bug located?

Where do you find bubble bug in fantage?

Bubble Bug is a game and is located at the Forest.

Why does your 72 bug stall every time you push in the clutch even after you put a new throw out baring an clutch in it?

its not the baring, its the transmission. its got very old gears.

What size piston rings fit a 1970 vw bug?


Is there such thing as a purple lady bug?

yes there is such thing as a purple lady bug it is located in china.

Where is the kissing bug located?

south America

Can you change clutch without removing engine?

Depends on the type of vehicle you are working on. With an older VW bug the engine must be pulled to change the clutch. On most cars and trucks the technique is to pull the transmission.

What was the best selling car of the 1970?

VW Bug... acording to Mission Driving School.

Where is the thermostat located on a 99 bug?

rear seats

How do you change a brake light switch on a 1999 bug?

Changing the brake light switch is a relatively simple task, and you should try to do it yourself. The brake light switch is a small electronic device located at the top of the brake pedal (inside the car on the floor where your feet go). It is about 3 inches long, has wires coming out of one side, and a plunger on the other that moves in and out when you step on the brake. First, unplug the brake light switch cables. You'll have to pinch the sides and wiggle it out. You will need to use a 1/2 inch socket or spanner to remove the L shaped metal bracket above the brake light switch, just in front of the brake pedal and clutch pedal. (Actually, I did this but it may not have been necessary. See if you can perform the next step without taking this out.) The brake light switch is held in by two plastic pins. You'll need to turn it like a bottle cap and gently pull out until it comes out out. This is your culprit. On 1998, 1999, and early model 2000 beetles, the brake light switch is a two wire device. On late model 2000 and 2001 beetles, the brake light switch is a four wire device. To put in the new brake light switch, put it into the same slot the old one just came out of, and rotate it until it is in the same position as the previous one. Reattach the L shaped metal bracket above the brake light switch. Plug the cables back into the brake light switch, making sure they are firmly seated. Be careful of the clutch pedal switch. It has a similar switch to the brake light switch. If it comes out, just put it back in. The clutch pedal switch is used to make sure you have the clutch pedal pressed down when you are starting the car, otherwise it won't start. Good luck.

What is the cylinder sequence on a 1970 Bug 1500?

Front of Car ------------ 3 1 4 2

My 68 volkswagon bug will go into first gear when its off but wont when the car is on anyone know why this is?

Your clutch isn't releasing entirely.

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