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Where is the coolant temp sensor located on a 91 4.3?

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Should be on the front of the engine block, if you have a vortec it is on the lower maifold below the EGR valve.

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What does code 43 esc mean for 1994 Chevy Caprice?

code 43 is related to the spark control system. (esc) the problem is usually the knock sensor wiring connector is defective and/or the sensor. the sensor is located in the right /passenger side of the engine block near the starter.

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98 Saturn sl2 stalls at light throttle tip in It will stay running under a harder throttle apply Car will restart but sometimes have to go to clear flood mode Seems to idle ok Tps Ect?

Got it - cracked Engine Coolant Temp sensor for computer - guess I was tired when I first looked and missed it on the scan tool, (I was sick the day before and stayed home from work) it was showing -1 to 5 degrees when the car had been sitting for 24 hours and intake air temp was 43 degrees. Replaced the sensor and did a tune up, all is great again.

Where is iat sensor on 43 Chevy?

there isn't one.

Gm code 43 for a 94 lumina?

code 43 except2.2or2.5 4flashes pause 3flashes electronic sparkcontrol knock sensor circuit probable cause faulty knock sensor or mem_cal.

What is code 43 1992 Chevy S10 blazer?

knock sensor

Chevy trouble code 43?

Electronic spark control is not receiving sinal from knock sensor Try replacing knock sensor

What is a code 43 on a 1993 s-10 blazer?

knock sensor

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1988 Pontiac Bonneville after engine warms up to normal operating temp engine wants to stall out when you come to a stop whenit stalls it starts right back up Iam getting a fault code 43?

Code 43 indicates a fault in the ESC (electronic spark control) system. It usually means the knock sensor has failed, or the wiring to the knock sensor is faulty. When this fails it causes the computer to retard the spark timing to protect the engine, resulting in stalling, poor performance and reduced mileage.

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How do you figure out what these codes are 91 park avenue 15 16 21 23 36 41 43 51 68 and what to do no space to tell what car does?

15-coolant sensor or circuit/low temperature indicated 16-system voltage out of range 21-throttle position sensor 23-mixture control solenid or circuit 36-idle air control valve or circuit 41-cylinder select error-mem-cal or ecm problem(fuel injected models) 43-knock sensor circuit 51-prom, mem-cal or ecm problem didnt see a 68 codes from haynes manual

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Why am I getting 43 code on 89 Chevy Celebrity 2.87 V-6 when we have replaced ECM O2 sensor and TPS where and what is the ecs unit?

To attempt to answer your question I looked up the code 43 in my Factory Service Manual. The full answer and diagnostic procedure is much too long and involved to try to post in this format. If you don't have a manual you might be able to use one at a local library. But to give you some level of answer: Code 43 has to do with the knock sensor to ECM circuit. ECS should be ESC which is electronic spark control. The book suggests that the problem could be in the knock sensor, the ECM, or the wiring and connections between the two. Since you have replaced the ECM it would seem that the wiring and knock sensor remain POSSIBLE problems. Look particularly at the connector to the knock sensor. Corrosion or oil contamination in the joint is a possible problem. If not then the knock sensor would be the next check. The book says to connect an ohm meter between the terminal on the knock sensor and ground on the engine block. The resistance should be between 3300 and 4500 ohms. If it is not between those numbers then the book says to replace the knock sensor. The knock sensor screws (pipe thread) into the side of the block nearest the firewall, and goes to water coolant passages. If you take it out it could lead to coolant loss so have a suitable container ready to catch it. It is not in a convenient place to get to. Another thought: The knock sensor grounds on the pipe threads. Corrosion or contamination there could also be a problem. If you take the knock sensor out or replace it don't use thread sealant as it could interfere with the ground.

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What is a code 43 on a 93 Chevy blazer?

ESC / Electronic Spark Controll Circuit. and the knock sensor signal.

How to retrieve trouble codes from an 1991 Chevy Caprice?

Locate the diagnostic connector: it's just under the dashboard, offset a little to the driver's side. Take a paper clip, straighten it out, then bend it into approximately a 1/2 " U shape. Alternately, if you want to do it like the pros, purchase a OBD-1 diagnostic reader. You could also just go to Auto Zone, as they will read it for you for free.Place the "jumper" paper clip into the two diagnostic pin placements (A and B). Turn your key on, but do not start the car. Watch the check engine light: it will flash, if working correctly, a "12" code, which is the start of the ECU's trouble code memory. It will flash once, then twice, denoting a "12" code. This lets you know that the codes, if any, are about to run.You'll need a list of codes for your car to know what it is telling you. The trouble codes will display twice. A 44, for example, will flash 4 times twice, then again 4 times twice. This gives you time to collect them, if there is more than one.13 Open Oxygen Sensor Circuit14 Coolant Temperature Sensor (High Temp Indicated)15 Coolant Temperature Sensor (Low Temp Indicated)21 Throttle Position Sensor (Signal Voltage High)22 Throttle Position Sensor (Signal Voltage Low)23 Manifold Air Temperature (MAT) Low Temp Indicated24 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Circuit25 Manifold Air Temperature (MAT) High Temp Indicated32 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Circuit33 Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Circuit (High Sig.)34 Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Circuit (Low Sig.)42 Electronic Spark Timing (EST) Circuit43 Electronic Spark Control (ESC) Circuit44 Oxygen Sensor Circuit (Lean Exhaust Indicated)45 Oxygen Sensor Circuit (Rich Exhaust Indicated)51 Faulty PROM54 Fuel Pump Circuit (Low Voltage)55 ECM Error

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Troubleshoot codes 12 43 for a 1988 Chevy Celebrity?

On your 1988 Celebrity code 12 means the computer is working properly. You should always get a code 12 whenever you check for codes. Code 43 has to do with the Electronic Spark Control, specifically the knock sensor. It doesn't necessarily mean the knock sensor has failed, it could be in the wiring To check the knock sensor measure it resistance. It should read between 3300 and 4500 ohms. If it does not it may mean the knock sensor has failed. One of our cars recently posted a code 43. When we checked it out it turned out the terminal had come off of the knock sensor. When it was put back on it cleared up the problem.

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Where is the cam sensor on a 2002 gmc sierra 43?

The camshaft position sensor on a 4.3L engine is inside the distributor near the rear of the engine. Has the intake manifold gasket been replaced? Sometimes it is overlooked to plug the sensor back in after this repair has been done.

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