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i have a 95 ranger with the 2.3L The sensor is located behind the harmonic balancer. It has three grooves in it that slide on unique spaced rings.

The timing belt cover will have to be removed from the front in order to access the harness as it enters from the rear of the cover. It becomes visible once the harmonic balancer (or its belt retaining ring ) is removed.

To service it you will have to remove the large bolt in the center that holds the balancer on. Then slide the balancer off and you can loosen the two screws holding it on. There is also a wire tie holding the harness down so that it does not rub any moving parts. Be sure to replace this when reassembling.

There is an alignment tool made by OTC ( part number 6466 ) that you will need to use to position a new or replacement sensor. Place the engine at top dead center while on the compression stroke and place the little plastic tool on the locating blocks and exciter ring(s) of the harmonic balancer. At that point you can place the sensor and tighten down the screws that hold the sensor on.

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Q: Where is the crank position sensor on a 2.3l Ford Ranger?
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On a 4.0 V-6 the crank position sensor is in a fixed location and cannot come in contact with the crank if it is installed correctly.

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The crankshaft position sensor is located at the front of the engine close to the crankshaft damper

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I think you mean CAMSHAFT position sensor.

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Next to the crank pulley. Held on with 2 10mm bolts.

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The 2002 Ford Ranger camshaft position sensor is located on the back of the camshaft. The rear engine plate will need to be removed in order to view the sensor.

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its junk! crush it!

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The crank position sensor on a 2001 Ford Windstar van is located on the bottom of the engine. It constantly monitors the engine's crankshaft and reports information to the computer.

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the crank shaft position sensor should be behind A/C compressor.

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the crank position sensor sends info to the ecu for position of the crankshaft in order to fire the correct amount of fuel and when to send the spark to the sparking pulg.the engine will not can find the sensor mid engine near the crank.

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Under the hood

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There is no "camshaft position sensor" in the 1999 ranger 2.5l motor so they have to have a crank position sensor. what kind of problems are you having? i might be able to help. you can email me at I have a 99 2.5 with a P340 code "camshaft positioning sensor circuit malfunction" Supposidly, it is behind the aux pulley.

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should be by balancer

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According to my Chilton repair manual , the crankshaft position sensor is used to determine crankshaft position and crankshaft RPM

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A 1986 ford van does not a crank shaft position sensor,, it uses the pickup in the distributer

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bad crank shaft position sensor

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get a new cam position sensor (about $35)

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There isn't one. It only has a dual vane crankshaft position sensor.

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No it does not have a crankshaft sensor, the engine control module uses the distributor for crankshaft position.

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I believe it is on the side of the throttle body