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crank shaft sensor is located behind the harmonic balancer.crank positon sensorsends a signal tothe ecm totel both engine rpm and crankshahf position.a failure in this sensor or circuitshould set trouble code and usually no start condition.other symptoms includes stumble at idle or stalling. first dis connect negative battery terminal . chock the wheels to keep vehicle from rolling.then jack the front of the vehicle and remove the passenger side tire . take the splash guard cover of (a little plastic piece) . then take remove the serpentine belt . then get a socket that fit the bolt to the harmonic balancer . get a short sided socket , a 1/2 in. drive and a breaker bar. and loosen the bolt . u may need to spray some wd40 or somethimg on the bolt . so it loosen up . then to fight it . then get a harmonic balancer pulley .once remove u can take off the sensor and re-install the same way.

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Q: Where is the crank sensor on a 1991 park ave how to replace it?
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Where is the crank sensor located on a 1991 Buick Park Avenue?

It's just behind the harmonic balancer.

What would cause a 1991 Buick Park Avenue not to start when the engine is cold?

check crank sensor

What will cause a 1991 buick park avenue cut off while driving?

If it cuts off after it gets hot you need to replace the crank sensor. More info needed Hint fixya.

Will 92 park avenue start with bad cam sensor?

No it will not start need to change the cam sensor & crank sensor!

Why does your Buick Park Ave sometimes just turn off while driving?

AnswerI have a 1991 Park Ave my car did this when driving it when it got warmed up and i had to wait for it to coll off my problen was the ignition control modual under the coil pack i replaced it and my car is fineCrank sensor do this too. Spray some water on it next time it cuts off and try to crank it. If it cranks up you will need to replace it.

Why does my 1994 buick park avenue drives and runs but stalls after 20 minutes it starts up after 5 minutes?

My 92 PA did the same thing. I had to replace the crank sensor and then the cam sensor. Either one can cause this problem.

Where is the cam sensor located on a 1992 Buick Park Avenue 3.8L?

IS CALL CAMSHAFT SENSOR AND IS LOCATED ON THE RIGTH SIDE OF THE ENGINE , ABOVE THE CRANK PULLEY You will have a crank sensor, but it won't have a cam sensor. it dose have a cam sensor, on the timing cover left sind of water pump

Where is the IAT sensor on a 1991 Buick Park Avenue?

The 1991 Buick IAT sensor can be found in the air intake hose. The IAT sensor will be between the air box and the top of the engine.

How do I start my Honda CR-V when car is in park but D4 blinks?

the crank sensor is broken

Where is the crankshaft sensor located on a 2000 buick park avenue?

Behind the crank pulley that your belt rides on!

Why wont your 1991 buick park ave start all the lights come on and all systems seem to be a go but you turn the key and nothing happens?

get your codes and go from there. It sounds like a crank shaft sensor.

Why does your starter relay just click when you try to crank your 1991 buick park ave?

Have you checked your battery lately?

How do you remove the switch located by the harmonic balancer on a 1991 Buick Park Ave?

this is the crank sensor,undo the 8mm bolt that pinches the sensor and than slide it out,be carfull when you remove it so that you can put the new one in the same location so it doesn't come in contact with the reluctor wheel on the back of the harmonic

1987 buick park ave. that just quit running all the sudden and still cranks but no fire through the wires?

Check for a burntout fusible link in the wiring. have ignition module check if good replace crank sensor

Was A Member Of Linkin Park In Crank?

Yes, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park was in the movie "Crank".

What would cause an 87 Buick Park Ave to stall and not start act like no fuel when warm?

Could be cam sensor, crank sensor, throttle position sensor, mass airflow sensor or the magnet on the crank. We just replaced all of the above and found out the hard way it was the last...and cheapest. Pull the cam sensor, look at the end of your cam and see if the magnet is damaged.

Why On a 1992 buick park avenue it dies when engine gets hot around 30 miles i hope its other than the cam sensor is there a way to check if it really is the cam sensor without high cost?

Autozone tests sensors for free. Also, check the cam magnet and make sure it's not damaged. added.. CAM sensor is pretty easy to replace; it's just under the water pump pulley. I replaced that myself. CRankshaft sensor will also trigger code 17 and 18 (same as CAM sensor), which the book says is CAM sensor; there is no CRANK sensor code. I had that happen on my 92 PA ultra, and it would stall consistently on the same stretch of road after 45 minutes. Since replacing the CAM sensor didn't fix it, I had the garage replace the CRANK sensor after it died completely. Works fine now. Crank sensor is not as easy; they will have to remove the main drive pulley on the end of the crankshaft to get to it.

Why does your gear shift get stuck in park in Honda Odyssey?

Replace the Gear Position Sensor on the transmission. Cost is approximately $350. There is a sensor on the brake that will prevent the gearshift from moving out of park until the brake is pressed down. Before you replace some $350 item in the transmission, make sure it isn't this sensor that is causing the issue.

Function of the camshaft sensor for a 1991 park ave?

On vehicles equipped with a camshaft position sensor, it is used to help the PCM determine the correct firing order.

What should I check next on my 1995 Buick Park Avenue that won't start after I have already checked out the fuel pump and electronics module and they are OK?

Try a crank sensor

Can the harmonic balancer being installed incorrectly cause the cam sensor magnet to go bad on a 1991 Buick Park Ave?

I think you mean the "Crank Sensor" since it's magnetic (The cam sensor is optical). Not sure how you could install the balancer incorrectly since it is "Keyed" onto the crankshaft. If the "Key" was missing you could get it installed other than at the right timing location but even then the metal tabs on the back of the balancer should still go through the sensor's slot ok. Unless the sensor is not adjusted correctly. Usually the crank sensor (Hall Effect) isn't effected by anything other than physical contact from something. I've seen them destroyed because someone used bolts that were other than OEM that were to long to install the crankshaft pulley onto the balancer That causes the metal tab (Sensor Flag) ring on the back of the balancer to be pushed into the sensor. TommyTrouble The cam sensor IS magenetic in these cars. BUT installing the balencer on the CRANK would not cause damage to the cam sensor, it would damage the crank sensor which is a hall effect. The cam sensor/magnet usually malfunctions on these cars. The cam sensor itself it easy to change, but the magnet is not.

Symptoms of a faulty crank sensor on 91 buick park avenue?

I have a 92 PA and had to replace the crank and cam sensors. Either will cause the same result. The error code will determine which is bad. The car will run, but as the engine heats up, the engine will die. It will start again after it cools off. The computer needs both signals to know when to send a fire signal to the correct spark plug.

1991 Buick Park Ave just dies after a few minutes of running what is wrong?

check the MAF - Mass Air Flow Sensor

How do you crank after new ignition switch everything turns on but dont crank?

Be sure it is in park or neutral.

How do you check cranckshaft sensor on a 1991 buick park ave 3 8 V6 L?

I had an intermittent problem with that sensor on my PA. When the error code in the computer was checked, it showed up as a problem. I had it replaced. The cam sensor can cause a similar problem.