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Where is the crank sensor on a 2000 Daewoo matiz?


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It is near the bottom of the timing belt in a Chevy. It is part of the ignition system.

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On the 2000 model it is part of the distributor and you either replace complete distributor or try to dismantle the distributor and replace sensor only.

You have to take it to a Key reprogrammer, or your local daewoo who will reprogramme it for you.

where is the crank sensor located on 2000 nissan sentra

Here is a link for a parts place. http://www.partsamerica.com/ProductList.aspx?parttype=985&ptset=A&searchfor=Cam+Position+Sensor

crank sensor should always be near bottom crank pulley

i have a 2000 1.5 auto lanos no spark, good plugs new crank sensor new coil replacement ecu any ideas ?

How do you flush the transmission fuel from a 2000 Daewoo Nubira

The cam sensor is inside the distributor. The crank sensor is on the top driver side of the bell housing.

Facing the engine, on the left hand side of the air distribution box.

The crank shaft sensor on a 2000 Chevy Suburban is located on the bottom of the engine, near the oil filter. It constantly monitors the crank shaft and updates the vehicle's computer of its status.

1st option is that the air conditioner has ceased and is dead. There is no 2nd option.


the two cams must be at 12oclock and the crank must be at 6oclock

Can you please tell me where the location of the Crank Shaft Position Sensor is on a Nissan Pulsar N16 2000 model?

Have you checked for fuel and spark? Camshaft sensor and or crank sensor will cause that problem as well!

install 3.8 Chevy impala crank sensor passenger side , remove wheel and use pully to pull out crank shaft

2000 suzuki vitara 2.0 crankshaft sensor

Best way to diagnose is to scan for codes, but not having that I would guess the ignition module then the crank/cam sensor.

No the ckf and the ckp are not the same sensor for a 2000 Honda civic. The crank fluctuation sensor is behind the crank pulley and can be changed fairly easy with some mechanical knowhow when the timing belt is done. The crank position sensor is built into the distributor. To change this sensor you would have to rebuild the inside of the distributor or replace the entire distributor. Hope this answers your question.

Took me ages to find it too! In a European model it's under the front bottom edge of the glovebox, right in the middle.

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