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It is near the bottom of the timing belt in a Chevy. It is part of the ignition system.

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Q: Where is the crank sensor on a 2000 Daewoo matiz?
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Where is the camshaft position sensor on a 2001 Daewoo matiz?

On the 2000 model it is part of the distributor and you either replace complete distributor or try to dismantle the distributor and replace sensor only.

How do you program the key on a daewoo matiz 2000 model?

You have to take it to a Key reprogrammer, or your local daewoo who will reprogramme it for you.

Where is the crank sensor on a 2000 Nissan Sentra?

where is the crank sensor located on 2000 nissan sentra

Where is the crank sensor located on a 2000 Daewoo Leganza?

Here is a link for a parts place.

Where is the crank sensor on 2000 kia sportage 4x4?

crank sensor should always be near bottom crank pulley

Why Daewoo lanos have no spark?

i have a 2000 1.5 auto lanos no spark, good plugs new crank sensor new coil replacement ecu any ideas ?

How do you replace a knock sensor on a 2001 daewoo nubira?

How do you flush the transmission fuel from a 2000 Daewoo Nubira

Is crank sensor and knock sensor on 2000 villager same thing?

no, it is not.

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 2000 Daewoo nubira?

on the exhuast header pipes

Where does the hose from the brake booster conect to on a 2000 daewoo matiz?

Facing the engine, on the left hand side of the air distribution box.

Where is the cam sensor and where is the crank sensor on 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

The cam sensor is inside the distributor. The crank sensor is on the top driver side of the bell housing.

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