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it should be under the passenger side dash by the heat vent

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โˆ™ 2006-05-07 03:19:04
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Q: Where is the dang connector for diagnostics on a 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7 It is not where Haynes manual says?
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Do you have a 94 mercury cougar xr7 serpentine belt diagram?

The Haynes Repair Manuals would have a diagram of the serpentine belt on a 94 Mercury Cougar XR7. You can find the manual at your local library, book store, or most auto parts stores.

Where can you find a vacuum diagram for a 1989 Mercury Cougar?

A Haynes manual available at most auto parts stores or you can check your local library.

What is the proper spark plug gap for a 95 Mercury Cougar 4.6 L V8?

According to the Haynes guide the gap is .054 inches

What are the steps to remove an install a automatic transmission on a 91 Mercury Cougar 3.8L?

I would recommend a haynes manual, they discuss it thoroughly, Altho there isn't much detail about the internals. If you are just doing a swap, the haynes would be a good investment.

How do you remove 1996 mercury cougar brakes?

Buy a Haynes/Chilton manual at any auto parts store for 20 dollars. If you don't know how to remove them, you probably will not get them back on correctly.

How do you change brake pads for a 1995 mercury cougar?

Go to your local Canadian Tire store and purchase a Haynes Manual from auto parts. This manual will help you greatly for many different things, and only $20.00. Good luck.

Diagram of 1999 Mercury Sable rear brakes?

In the Haynes workshop manual.

How to Remove key cylinder 87 cougar?

this is not an easy feat if you have not done it spend 20 bucks on a haynes repair manual 1983 thru 1988 ford t- bird and mercury explains whole process with pictures step by step.regards lee.

Where can you find rear brake diagram 2003 Mercury Sable?

In the Haynes workshop manual

To ignition time a 90 Civic HB the Haynes manual says to jumper the two terminals on the ignition timing adjuster connector under the dash - what does this look like?

It's a blue connector that hangs under the passanger side of the dash. Jump/short the connector with anything metal.

Where can you find Diagram of 2000 Mercury Villager exhaust system?

Library? Chilton/ Motors / or Haynes Manuals?

How do you replace the fuel pump in a 1994 Nissan Quest?

I would suggest you get a Haynes repair manual. Number is 64200. It is the same as a Mercury Villager.

Where do you put gear oil in a manuel transmission on a 96 mercury tracer trio 1.9?

If a 96 Mercury Tracer Trio 1.9 is the same as a 1996 Mercury Tracer, the information is found on page 1-22 of the Haynes Repair Manual "Ford Escort and Mercury Tracer 1991 through 2000" To summarize, there is a connector on the manual transaxle that provides a mechanical sensor linkage to the speedometer and an electrical connector with two conductors. The connector is found at the back of the transaxle, accessible from the top. The connector must be removed in order to check the fluid level. I had to build a very long extension (about 21 inches) to use a 10 mm socket to loosen the small bolt. Once the bolt is removed, a clip can be slid off. Please note the orientation of the clip, perhaps by marking the top side with the notation "top." Then, the electrical connector has to be released. On my vehicle, the plastic retaining clips broke off when I attempted to release them. The electrical connector then lifts straight up. A wire clip holds the speedometer cable in the connector. I had to pry it out and then almost straighten the wire to reinsert it later. Make sure the area around the opening is clean of any dirt that could fall into the transaxle. Lift the connector straight up. I dried the plastic gear with a clean paper towel to check the fluid level. It should be even with the top of the plastic speedometer gear. According to the Lincoln-Mercury service person that I called today, the fluid should be replaced with MERCON-5. The 2006 Ford Service Bulletin did not explain why this should be done. (The drain plug is at the bottom of the differential.) Put it all back together. There is a cable that connects to the secondary oxygen sensor in the exhaust line. It should be secured to the plastic clip included with the connector to keep it from hitting the rotating driveshaft. Dr. Gene Nelson

Where can you find a 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis wiring diagram?

A grand marquis wiring diagram can be found in a Chiltons or Haynes auto repair manual.

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You went to AutoZone to find out why check engine light was on but they couldn't find the connector any suggestions?

Call your dealorship repair shop and ask them or pick up the Haynes or Chiltons guide for your model.

How do you replace a crankshaft sensor on a 1991 Buick Century?

Haynes repair manual available from Not hard. Locate sensor, unplug electrical connector, use socket of appropriate size, remove.

What nicknames does Billy Jack Haynes go by?

Billy Jack Haynes goes by Billy Jack Haynes.

Where can you find a 1993 Mercury Cougar engine diagram?

There is a Haynes manual available for this model year at your local auto parts shop. It will contain all information needed for basic repairs and maintence. I found this to be a particularly good investment, as it saved me a great deal of money by allowing me to diagnose and repair my own car. There is a Haynes manual available for this model year at your local auto parts shop. It will contain all information needed for basic repairs and maintence. I found this to be a particularly good investment, as it saved me a great deal of money by allowing me to diagnose and repair my own car.