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I had a similar problem with my 95 ranger and had to resort to pulling the fuse to turn the dome light off... Make sure that you lubricate the latching mechanism on both doors. A part of the latching mechanism on my driver side door was sticking, so even though I had my door shut tight and locked, the latching mechanism would trigger the doom light into thinking the door was open, even though it was shut. Spray WD40 in both door latches solved my problem just soak it

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Q: Where is the door switch for dome light on 1995 ford ranger light stays on at all times must pull fuse?
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Door ajar light stays on?

If the door is ajar and light stays on, spray some WD40 into the latch. The door switch is probably stuck. Spray all doors then open and close a few times.

Where is the brake light switch on a 98 ford ranger?

On my 94 ranger its on the break pedal (towards the top) its pretty easy to replace I have changed 3 times in 12 years

How do you fix a 1995 Ford Ranger door switch so the dome light and door ajar light will go off?

Blast the switch with some wd40 and push it in and out a bunch of times, this usually works on fords when the light wont come on but its worth a shot. If no luck you will have to replace the switch.

If a 1995 Ford Ranger dome light stays on you where is the door switch?

AnswerI had a similar problem with my 95 ranger and had to resort to pulling the fuse to turn the dome light off... Make sure that you lubricate the latching mechanism on both doors. A part of the latching mechanism on my driver side door was sticking, so even though I had my door shut tight and locked, the latching mechanism would trigger the doom light into thinking the door was open, even though it was shut.Only suggestion I can give to fix the problem.AnswerFixed min with WD-40 in the door latches also, your headlight switch, turn knob to the can control dash and dome lights this way.yes by spraying the latches in the door with a good penetrating oil you can free up the switch that is in the latch this switch is replicable but hard to replace Ive had to do my 98 ranger Manny times also my 2003 explorer does the same thing always been able to get them to work by spraying them

I have a Ford ranger 1990 4.0 4x4 and the check engine light comes on and off some times What is wrong?

If your check engine light comes on and STAYS ON, a malfunction has occurred that is effecting the emission control system If the light comes on and then goes off , occasionally , the malfunction has corrected itself If the light flashes on and off at 1 second intervals , a spark plug misfire has been detected

Why does the change oil light flash 3 times after resetting it when you start it then stays off?

It is normal for it to do that when you reset it. NO worries

Why does your left brake light burn at all times?

It could be the turn signal switch.

How do you troubleshoot and fix a door ajar light dome light on on a Ford Escape?

Your domelight has a 3 position switch on it. Always off, always on, and on when the door is open. Check this first with the doors closed. If it stays on in every position, this is a problem with the switch, or a short in your wiring. Each door has a button that is depressed when the door is closed. Go to each door one at a time and depress the switch several times to see if the light will go out. The most common problem is the mounting for the switch is loose and it won't allow the switch to go in all the way. If you still have a problem you will need to disconnect each switch until you find the short or find the connector under the dash and troubleshoot it.

Can you reset the oil light in a Jeep Liberty?

The oil light in a Jeep Liberty can be reset. To reset the light turn the ignition switch on or off without starting the engine. Next depress the acceleration pedal at least three times and then switch the ignition switch in a locked position.

How do you locate the sensor that controls the overhead light in a 1998 Ford Ranger?

I have had the same problem since it was almost new, the dealer said it is the switch in the doors that sticks. I never had it fixed since I would have to leave it there. It's not readily accessible, you have to take the door panel off. All I did was take the bulbs out of the overhead light, the "door ajar" light still will shine, but rather than have a dealer fix it, I can do without the dome light---buy a flashlight, it's cheaper! just spray light oil in your doorlatch. that worked for me have to do it about once a year The dome light switch is located inside the door, adjacent to the door latching mechanism at the rear of the door. A common problem with those is that the dome light stays on. This is caused by the switch sticking, and can be remedied by a good spray of WD-40 in the door latch area. Open and close the door a few times and it will usually free itself up.

Why does the drivers courtesy light and ignition light and chime work at times 1991 accord ex?

Probably a sticking door switch, give it some wd40. The switch should be where the door hinges.

Your security light stays on at all times how to fix the problem or diagwhat is wrong?

The security wire is either disconnected or shorting.

The water in fuel light on the dash stays on the filter has been changed and also drained the water separator 2 more times but it stays on What could it be?

Im not a mechanic .... but it could be a faulty sensor ....

How to shut off dome light in a 1997 ford ranger?

In my 97 ranger I just take out the #25 fuse. The second you take out the fuse it should shut off and conserve your battery for now, otherwise its something in your doorhandles where the lock hits inside of your door, something isn't shutting all the way. Also , check to see if your gauge lighting dimmer wheel , just to the right of your headlight switch , has been rotated all the way up - that turns on your courtesy light A common problem is the door switch "sticking" which keeps the dome light on...spray some wd40 or electronics cleaner in the latch of the door(s) (the switch is integral with the latch) and open/close a few times.

How many times per day is a light switch flipped?

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How do you turn off the SRS light on a 2001 Honda Accord EX?

i have a 1995 Honda accord 4 cylinder v tec the tail lights sides lights and the dash lights stays on at all times have already replaced the headlight switch and still have the same proplome

How do you turn off an air bag light on an Explorer that flashes 3 times then 6 times then stays on when disconnecting the battery does help?

There is a problem with the SRS. Take it to a professional, for repair.

How do you wire security light with sensor?

You wire a security light like any other light. The sensor is generally part of the light and provides an "auxiliary" switch to detect movement and switch on the light, usually only after dark.The regular light switch for the security light should be left "on" at all times and labeled or enclosed to prevent being accidentally turned off. The sensor will not work, and the light will not go on, if the regular light switch it not on.Many modern units allow you to "lock" the motion sensor on by using the regular light switch to turn off the circuit and quickly turn it on again. This makes the light stay on until morning, when the photocell will turn it off and reset the lock, even without any motion detected.

How many times was Walker Texas Ranger shot during the series?

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How do you reset the Low Coolant light on a 2001 Chevy Impala?

You should be able to reset the low coolant light by the parking light switch 3 times on and off somewhat quickly should do it

Why is the service 4wheel drive light on 03 silverado?

99 times out of 100 the switch on the dash has failed, replace it first.

Name two things that can be reduce light pollution?

Lampshade. Lower wattage bulbs. Shorter 'on' times. And the off switch.

How do you adjust the brake light switch?

Most brake light switches ratchet into position and self-adjust. To reset the adjustment, press the brake pedal part way down & pull the switch out toward the pedal until it clicks several times.

2007 expedition has no brake lights and won't out of park?

The brake light fuse could be open,in that case you may have a short some where. The brake light switch or wiring could be defective. Some times when an autostart is wired in to the brake light switch the wire is weakened and breaks. The brake light switch operates a small solenoid which disengages a latch to allow the shift lever to be moved. Hope this helps

Where is the reset oil light switch located on an Pontiac Grand Prix SE?

turn key pump the gas petal all the way to the floor 3 times with in 5 seconds.the change oil light will then flash a few times There is no such thing as a reset oil light switch. If the oil light is on, you have no oil pressure, and the engine will self destruct. Now if you are talking about the maintenance required light and how to reset this light, read your owner's manual. Don't have one then get one. if you are asking how to reset your oil change alert light you must turn on your switch until all of your control lights appear, but not to the point of starting the veichle and then you should pump your gas petal a few times and your change oil light should flash a few times then go off then when you start your car it'll only stay on for a second or two.