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Wheri trailer connector on 2004 suburban

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Q: Where is the electric trailer brake connector under dash of 01 suburban?
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What is fuse 29 on a 2003 navigator?

On a 2003 Lincoln Navigator : Fuse # 29 is a 30 amp mini fuse for the trailer tow electric brake controller , trailer tow 7 wire connector ( electric brake )

What is the location of the factory trailer wiring connector to connect an electric brake controller on a 2001 Dodge quad cab with the factory towing package?

Not all 1500's where built with it. If it is there it will be above the parking brake.

Where you can find the T-connector for trailer light?

Somewhere rear brake light area.

For what purpose would an electric brake controller be used?

When one is using a trailer on their car, an electric brake controller measures the car's braking speed and adjusts the electric braking power of the trailer to correspond. This helps avoid collision between trailer and car.

What is the location of the factory trailer wiring connector to connect an electric brake controller on a 2005 Dodge Ram with the factory towing package?

I don't believe there is one. I had to have mine wired in.

Can you take combination cdl road test with electric brake trailer?


What is a Gladhand in air brake system?

It is the metal connector at the end of the hoses that supply air to the trailer brakes from the tractor.

How can i tell if my car js wired for electric trailer brakes?

You should have a trailer brake control module (either OEM or aftermarket installation) if it is.

Where is the electric brake hook up on 2002 dodge 1500?

If equipped, it is under the dash directly to the left of the brake pedal. It is a blue connector.

Can you tow an electric brake trailer with a bad abs sensor?

Yes, but your ABS will not function if you should need it.

Does a 1997 1500 suburban have a plug for a brake controller?

not sure, but most of them have a orange wire and a blue wire run from under the brake booster, to the back. these are perfect for your trailer brake controller and break away power.

Does a 2004 expedition tow package have electric brake wiring?

I was looking at the fuse panel diagram and it shows fuse # 29 as a 30 amp fuse for trailer tow electric brake controller - 7 wire connector Click on the link below Click on Owner Guides The owners manual ( which includes the fuse panel diagram ) can be viewed online

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