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There isn't one.

There isn't one?? Are we sure? Hmmm...I can't find anything in the owners manual or in Haynes but WTH is this then??? 2000 Honda CIVIC EX 1.6L 1590cc L4 FI [D16Y8] : Electrical-Switch & Relay : Fuel Cutoff Relay Price Core Total ACDELCO Part # D1876D {replaces 212-492 #19106714, 212492} SWITCH,FUEL PRESS CUT OFF UNIVERSAL TYPE; W/ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP $76.79 $0.00 $76.79
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โˆ™ 2009-10-19 05:53:50
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Q: Where is the emergency fuel cut off switch for a 2000 Honda Civic EX?
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