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The fan switch is actually on the cylinder block. Its located slightly above and to the drivers side of the oil filter. To access and remove it you will need to remove the oil filter and use a thin wall 27 mm long reach socket. An ordinary impact socket has too thick a wall to be able to slip over the fan switch as it is located very close to a fixed pipe. You would be best to put the car on a full height lift rather than trying to access it by putting the car on axle stands. I changed a friends today and it was a pain from start to finish. Stupid place to put a fan switch.

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Q: Where is the fan switch on a 91 Acura?
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Where is the 1995 Acura Integra fan switch located?

The fan switch on a 1995 Acura Integra is located on the dashboard. It is a part of the temperature control system.

Where is the cooling fan relay for 91 Acura Legend srs found?

Where is the cooling fan relay for acura legend srs found

99 Acura TL Blower fan do not work?

Check your radiator fan switch and your fan switch coolant sensor .

Where is the fan relay in your 1997 Acura Integra?

The 1997 Acura Integra fan relay switch is located inside of the fuse box. The fan relay switch will be in the third column, second from the top.

Where is the radiator fan switch on a 89 Acura Legend?

The 1989 Acura Legend radiator fan switch can be found on the inside of the quarter panel. You can find the switch on the drivers side quarter panel.

Where is the fuel pump inertia switch on a 91 Acura Legend?

There is none.

Where is the 89 acura cooling fan switch location?

In the radiator.

Does a 91 Acura Integra have a b16 engine?

91 acura integra has a b18 91 acura integra has a b18

Why does your 91 acura ledgend have a hard time starting but when it does it runs good?

start with checking the temperature switch & other sensors

Why would the fan stop working on a 1995 Acura Integra?

Blown fuse, bad fan motor, defective thermal switch or a bad fan relay. Or check the coolant temp sensor.

Where is the 1999 Acura Integra cooling fan sencer?

1999 fan sencer for acura integra

Why do my dash lights and taillights not work on my 91 Acura Legend?

Probably a blown fuse Maybe be a defective switch Probably a blown fuse Maybe be a defective switch

Where is the cooling fan switch on a 91 camaro rs not the fan relays or the coolant temp sensor but the accual cooling fan switch that allows the fan to kick on at around 230 deg?

It's located on the passenger side head. Let me tell you, it's very delicate and breaks easily.

Where is cooling fan relay located in 94 Acura Legend?

"Where is cooling fan relay on 94 acura legend?"

Why would the condenser fan fuse blow out every time you turn on the AC in an Acura Integra?

You have a short in the wiring or switch. Use either an ohm or multi meter to trace it out. Start at the switch and work back toward the fan fuse connection.

How do you change the fan switch on a 1983 Honda Shadow?

The fan does not have a switch - the thermostat switch runs the fan.

Where is the horn located under the hood on a 91 Acura Integra?

The horn for a 91 Acura is located on the drivers side, under the bumper. The bumper needs to be removed to get to the horn.

Why when i turn on headlights my brake lights comes on 91 acura integra?

well i had the same problem on my da check your brake switch its located on the bottom of the brake pedal

My cooling fans won't run on my 91 Honda accord and i already checked the fuses and relays?

that my be caused by a faulty fan switch

Where is the engine coolant temperature sensor for a 91 Acura Legend?

go to search the forum

Where is the fan switch at on a 91 Camero rs with a 2.8?

On the drivers side under the hood there is two,2 inch high black boxes on a bracket.One of those black boxes is the fual pump relay and the other is the external fan relay.Usually its the left that is the fan relay....but after replacing them both..the fan still did not turn on.No power from inside to the fan relay switch.....Manual creating a switch is not very wise.....can someone give me a link to the wiring diagram for a 91 camero rs 2.8 l v6 with a/c,automated windows and t-tops.

Where is fan control switch located?

Depending on what type of fan, the fan control switch can be located on the wall for a ceiling fan. Each type of fan will have a different location for the fan control switch.

Where is the radiator cooling fan switch 1996 acura 3.2 TL?

At the bottom of the radiator, passenger side. You will have to remove some plastic panels to access it.

Where is the 1992 Acura Integra fan switch located?

On the back of the engine block under intake manifold. Above the oil pressure switch,upper left of oil filter, big two wire switch black rubber cover.

Where is the neutral safety switch located on a 1988 Acura Legend?

99 acura Ti