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It is very likely there is no way to adjust the idle on your car. If your car is idling low, it's probably a problem somewhere else. Idle is likely controlled by the computer.

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Q: Where is the fast idle screw on a 2001 ford escort or how do you adjust the fast idle?
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How does one adjust the idle on a 1988 Mitsubishi Mighty Max?

set the lever on the second highest step of the fast idle cam. measure the primary valve to throttle bore clearance, manual trans .031 inch autom trans .035 inch, if its off,adjust it whit the fast idle adjusting screw if you turn the screw clockwise the fast idle rpm increases,if you turn the screw counterclockwise the fast idle rpm decreases

Mikuni idle adjust?

My 1340 evo with 42 HRS Mikuni idles fast after it gets hot no matter how i adjust the idle air screw. What am i doing wrong??

How do you adjust the idle on a fuel injected 89 Pontiac Sunbird?

If your engine is ideling fast its probably temperature senser. There is no adjustment for idle. that last answer is not entirely true. u can adjust the idle. but it depends on if its a throttle body unit that looks like a carburetor or a smaller unit. on a TBI unit, there is a screw u can adjust but the only way to adjust it is with the right tool. its not a Philips screw or straight blade. but if its idling high or fast it might be the idle air control valve. the one went out on my 1985 sunbird and caused it to idle funny.

How do you adjust carb on 50cc moped?

there should be 2 screws on the carb one with a spring which is the idle screw turn it all the way in and start by screwing it out 2 and 1/2 spins the other screw is your fuel screw start 1 and 1/2 screws out play with them you will figure it out quite fast

How do you adjust the carbuerator on a 21hp Briggs and stratton mower?

there should be a screw in the side of the carbuerator. turn the screw all the way in be careful not to bottom it out tight you will ruin the needle valve. then turn the screw opposite 1 1/4 times this should be good slow idle and also fast idle speed.

How do you adjust fast-idle speed on 1994 Nissan pickup D21?

The fast idle-speed on a 1994 Nissan D21 pickup is adjusted by turning the screw on the side of the throttle body. It increases the speed of the engine when the vehicle is idle before completely warming up.

Is a Ford Escort fast?

No, typically a Ford Escort would not be considered a fast car. However, Ford does offer a sportier GT model and any car can be modified to be fast if so desired.

How do you adjust the idle on a 03 kx85?

The idle screw is on the left side of the carburetor, it's black and made of plastic with a spring on it. Turning it clockwise makes the bike idle faster, turning the screw counterclockwise will slow it down. It's a lot easier to do this when the bike is running, you can hear the engine and make sure its not idling too fast or too slow. I have my idle screw set to 3 1/4 turns out from all the way in.

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how fast is a ford v8

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How do you adjust a quadtrajet carb?

Depends on what you need to adjust. Air/fuel are on front of carb low on right and left, basic start point from seated is 3 turns out. The idle screw is located inside throttle linkage on right side. Fast idle is under choke coil on left(hard to get to). Secondary tensioner is located left upper,back corner. Allen set screw aimed down, loosten 1/2 - 3/4 turn and use sm. screwdriver on side- R+ L-.

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Idle speed is something that you will have to occasionally adjust on carbed bikes. They are not what you call high tech machines that have a computer that takes care for you. You may notice on a hot day your bike may idle a little higher when warmed up and lower on a cold day. This is ok...just adjust the idle speed screw...most increase when you turn to the right...etc..

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