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Where is the flasher on a 1985 Monte Carlo and what does it look like?

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Under the dash on the drivers side next to the fuse block. There are two: one for hazard flashers and one for turn signals. They are 1" x 1" square... most likely silver in color.

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What are the best looking rims for a 1985 Monte Carlo super sport?

Personally I like the old style cragar SS wheel.

Where is the four way flasher button located on 1995 Monte Carlo?

It is on the steering wheel councel. On the top side like if you were looking at the speedometer, but look behind the steeringwheel on the neck of it..

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Where can you get an ignition switch dash cover for a 2003 Monte Carlo?

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Can a 2007 Chevy Monte Carlo be stolen?

Yes, just like any other car can be stolen

Your 2005 Monte Carlo dies when you take your foot of the gas what can it be?

sounds like a fuel pump issue or regulator

Will a 2000 Monte Carlo dash fit on a 2004 Monte Carlo Thanks so much for any help?

yes it will as long as its the same model like an ss or an ls the ss speedo goes to 140 and the ls speedo only goes to 120

Where can one purchase a 2007 Monte Carlo?

If one is looking to purchase a 2007 Monte Carlo they can start by looking on places like Kijiji, Craigslist and the Auto Trader. People may also call the areas used car dealers to see if they have any in stock.

How do you change the front wheel bearing on a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo?

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Manually raise Monte Carlo power windows?

Take the switch out of the door and you can jump it just like you jump start a car.

What does the ss mean in Monte Carlo?

Super sport, basically the higher end Monte Carlo. Ls is luxury sport. Typically SS models have a sportier look like spoiler etc with all the power accessories and a better motor but personally I like the ls models from 86-88 better...has 10x more chrome

Will the drivers seat from 1998 Monte Carlo fit a 1996?

Anything 1995-1999 monte carlo "SHOULD" fit cloth or leather, power or no power, Not sure what I like better yet but all I know is the leather seats gm made for this car are horrible quality and very uncomfortable.

What would make your 1998 Monte Carlo backfire twice and then not start?

Sounds like timing is off,you didn't brake your timing belt did you.

Where is the timing wire on an 1986 Monte Carlo?

well if you go in the hood you will see Maggie hm failing at life like always and that's where it is

What do you have to do to put 26 inch rims on your 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo ss?

That's ridiculous, why would u do something like that to American muscle ??

How do you run the brake lines on a 1986 Monte Carlo?

same as the old lines, just get straight brake line and bend it like the old as you go.

Which country the steering wheel is in left hand side?

mostly any country out of urope except from parts of france like monte carlo/monaco

How do you rewire the headlights and taillights in a 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo SS?

I have the 1980-1988 Monte Carlo repair manual, I can scan and send you the wiring diagram out of it if you'd like, just email me at, and I'll be happy to help, anything else you need let me know and I'll scan those pages for you too.

What is the cost to replace the transmission in a 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo?

ha only the transmission is over a 1000 plus labor costs it would be like 1500+

Water leaks in a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo?

its your AC Canister if you want your A/C to work i'd suggest going somehwhere like a Valvoline to have is recycled out

What does the fuse box look like on a 1979 Monte Carlo?

It's a black panel (without a cover) located by your left foot behind the parking brake pedal.