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Where is the flasher unit located on a 1989 Toyota Camry station wagon and how do you change it?


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2006-04-14 15:22:23
2006-04-14 15:22:23

Should be located near the fuse box. Behind the drivers side foot panel. Changing it involes unpluging it and plugging in a new one. If you have brought a new one then you will know what it looks like.


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Should be located in a fuse panel under the hood. Google it and it will show you. Most of the time Toyota put them under the hood on the driver's side.

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To change the turn signal flasher on a 1993 Toyota Corolla, locate the flasher unit under the dash on the driver's side. Pull out the old flasher plug and replace with a new one. This part has a three-prong plug that can be removed without hooking up or unhooking wires.

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location is above fuse have to take out fuse panel to access top of panel where flasher is located

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The turn signal flasher on a 2001 Chevy Cavalier is located inside a panel close to the gas pedal. The turn signal flasher is very easy to change and they can be purchased from many auto parts shops.

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The flasher relay on a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 318 by unplugging the old flasher and plugging in the new one. The flasher relay is located under the dash on the driver's side.

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