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Where is the fuel Pump on a Ford Escort LX?


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The fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank.


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For a 1996 Ford Escort , 1.9 : The ELECTRIC fuel pump is INSIDE the fuel tank ( it is installed through an access hole in the top of the tank )

Ford Escort LX fuel tank is 12.7 gal. / 48 L

Disconnect battery then remove the rear seat there should be a acess panel there to get to fuel pump.

fuel pump is in fuel tank.if pump runs with key off replace fuel pump relay

The fuel pump relay is under the back hatch; on the right; there is a small plastic door; the switch is in there.

In the trunk there is a side panel with the fuel pump switch reset button. In my wagon it was on the right side.

You can find your fuel pump relay behind your center console, passenger side. You may have to remove the tray to gain full access

My '93 ford escort 1.9L sedan has 11.96 (approximately 12 gallons) on it.

The fuel cut off switch on a 1994 Ford Escort LX is located just outside the fuel tank. It is designed to stop the flow of fuel in the event of an accident.

Check your fuel pump, it could be that it is still getting electricity after you shut off the key.

"How to set timing on 1991 ford escort lx 1.9?"

fuel pump is located inside the gas tank.

Ford Escort LX 4dr has a stock 87 horsepower at 5400rpm

the 1998 ford escort does not have a fuel pressure regulator. It does however, have a fuel pressure sensor located on the fuel injector rail. It has a connector attached to it and can be removed by taking out the attaching screws and twisting and tugging on it.

If it is like a ( 1996 ) it is in the trunk , behind the trunk liner on the passenger side ( there is an access plug in the liner to remove )

There is no thermostat relay switch on a 1992 escort lx.

Most of the ford escorts made had a 12 gallon tank (approximate).

I have a 96 Ford Escort LX. I need to replace the vent and the fuel intake rubber hose that come from the gas tank. Can you tell me what size both hoses are?

LUXURY EDITION has all the extras on it

my 1998 ford fiesta lx zetec wont start againt fuel pump not working or is it the immobilizer how can i tell?..and can i bypass the immobilizer

The firing order for a 1993 Ford Escort LX with a 1.9 engine is 1-3-4-2

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