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The fuel cut off switch on a 1994 Ford Escort LX is located just outside the fuel tank. It is designed to stop the flow of fuel in the event of an accident.


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Where is the fuel pump relay switch located on a 1994 Grand Am SE

AnswerProbably under vehicle follow fuel line from tank The Fuel filter on a 1994 Escort is located on the fire wall just below the Master brake cylinder.

It is on top of the fuel tank, you can get to it by removing the bak seat.

Where is the fuel pump relay switch located on a 1994 Toyota pickup

The fuel pump inertia switch for a 1997 Ford Escort is located inside the trunk immediately below the hole in the trunk side trim. (according to the owner's manual)

My 93 Escort GT had the fuel cut-off switch in the trunk, driver's side.

The 1994 Ford Mustang fuel pump relay switch is located below the fuel injector pump. The relay switch should be labeled as such.

The button on top of the fuel pump shut off switch ( inertia switch ) should be ( DOWN ) If the button has popped up on the top of the switch then no power is going to the electric fuel pump

The fuel pump reset switch in a 1994 Volvo 940 is located under the hood. The relay will be in the fuse box.

The fuel safety switch in a 1994 Mazda MX6 is located on the inside of the fuel tank. This is very tricky to locate, so it would be better to leave it up to the professionals toÊmaintain.

On your 1994 Ford Escort (1.9L EFI SOHC), the Relay - Fuel Pump is located: Seating area, center, behind dash, where console meets dash, mounted on center support brackets from

The fuel cutoff / inertia switch is located in the trunk on the left side quarter panel under the carpet. Most have a rubber boot on them.

It is in the trunk on the RH side about half way up. Has door you can open to access it.

The 1994 Mitsubishi fuel pump shutoff switch is located in the fuse box. The fuse box can be found in the engine compartment, on the drivers side.

Where is the fuel pump relay switch for a 95 park ave located on the car?

Unlike Fords, Chevrolets do not have an emergency cutoff switch.

The 1986 Escort has a carburated engine , there is no relay switch because there is no electric fuel pump in it. The macanical fuel pump ( Ran by the camshaft) inlocated on the back of the engine , between the engine and the firewall. Good luck to get to it to replace the rubber diafragm.

The sending unit is located on the fuel pump which is located inside the gas tank.

if you mean the fuel cut off switch, its in the trunk.

The fuel pump on my 1989 Escort is in the gas tank.

On a 1999 Ford Escort : The fuel pump shut off switch ( inertia switch ) is in the passenger side of the trunk behind the trunk liner . There is an access hole

In a 1997 Ford Escort sedan : The fuel pump shut off switch / inertia switch ( with the reset button on top ) Is located directly under the hole in the passenger side trunk trim * it is near the back seat

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