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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1986 Ford F-150?


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2006-02-10 12:03:46
2006-02-10 12:03:46

Trace the fuel line from the tank to the engine and about 1/2 way in the frame rail you will find it. It takes special tools to remove it but they are cheap at the parts store. They should show you how to use them. Under the truck in the fuel line. It takes special tools and are cheap at the parts store.


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the fuel filter on a 1986 ford ranger is located on the inside of the frame on the drivers side in front of the gas tank.

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Usually it's located near or under the air filter.

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Just downstream after the exhaust manifold

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It is located on the drivers side of the vehicle, below seating area, rear of engine, mounted on the frame rail in fuel line.

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The fuel filter on a 1990 ford F150 is located on the rear left side. It should be right between where the cab of the truck and the bed meet. I just changed mine a couple months ago. Just follow the fuel lines you cant miss the filter

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