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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1989 Honda accord dx 4-cylinder with throttle body injection?


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The fuel filter is located on the left side of the firewall as you face your vehicle.


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Depending on your Accord, it's located either on the top of the throttle body or on the firewall. If it's located on the firewall, look for a vacuum hose going to the throttle body. Click the link for a photo.

In the back of the Throttle Body right side for 94 accord DX.

The Oxygen sensor of a 89 honda accord lxi fuel injection 2.0 valve engine is located in front of the engine on the manifold .

Throttle position sensor is located on the side of the throttle body-in line with the throttle shaft. To locate the throttle body, you can have someone repeatedly push the accellerator pedal (with the engine not running) while you look for the moving throttle shaft. Drew

On throttle body. It lets in extra air at idle when engine cold and throttle blade is closed.


on the fire wall, passenger side, right behind the throttle body.

It is Located in top of the throttle body, it is a black plastic plug with 3 wires goin into it

Everything that needs to be done is listed in your owners manual under the maintenance schedule.

"Where is the alarm on a 94 accord located?

It is located on top of the throttle body. It's the small black plastic sensor on top of the aluminum part of the intake.

looking for the fuse number for a 2006 4cylinder honda accord left blinker signal

Firing order is 1-3-4-2 Rotor turns clockwise.

Get the throttle checked.

the speed sensor is located on the passenger side of the car. it is in the engine compartment between the fuel injection unit and the distributor but it is down towards the transmission.

it should be on the throttle body

1992 Honda accord throttle body adjustinThe throtle body has a screw on it self where the intake clamps on to. it is located on top by all the vacuums you can turn the screw with a phillip screw driver.

The 1998 Honda Accord 3.0 liter engine does not have throttle cable. The automobile has throttle linkage. The linkage is connected at each end with a connecting bolt. Remove the connecting bolt to remove the linkage.

Well i have a 97 accord...if you have a 94-97 accord the speed sensor will be right under the Throttle body, u will have to unplug a couple of sensors and pull your intake out and shine a light down there you will see it... its kinda hard to get it but not to bad... I have a 1990 and my speed sensor is located in the same place under the throttle body mounted on the transmission, be careful not to lose the tiny little pin while removing the two bolts.


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