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Throttle position sensor is located on the side of the throttle body-in line with the throttle shaft. To locate the throttle body, you can have someone repeatedly push the accellerator pedal (with the engine not running) while you look for the moving throttle shaft. Drew

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โˆ™ 2006-08-13 16:38:19
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Q: Where is the throttle positioning sensor on a 1988 accord?
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How do you adjust the throttle positioning sensor 1988 fifth avenue?

its not adjustable.

Does a 1988 ford 302 have a throttle position sensor?

Yes it does.

How do you replace a throttle sensor in a 1988 Nissan Sentra?

Is it easy to replace a throttle body in an 88 sentra? How do you clean a throttle body

Where is the coolant temperature sensor tw located on a 1988 Honda Accord 4-cylinder fuel injected with a manual trans located?

The 1988 Honda Accord coolant temperature sensor can be found on the front of the engine. The coolant temperature sensor will be a few inches above the thermostat housing.

1988 Camaro 6-cylinder- Hard to start- unstable idle - the rpm will fluctuate while holding holding the accelerator steady?

check you idle control valve it can cause those symptoms also your throttle positioning sensor

Does a 1988 Chevy s10 blazer have a throttle position sensor?

Yes it does. standing in the front of the engine it will be bolted on the left side of the TBI / Throttle body injection unit.

How do you change a cam shaft positioning sensor on a 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 3.8L?

See the Related Links for "Here" to the bottom for the answer.

Where is the IAT sensor located on a 1988 Ford F150 5.0l?

It is in the intake air horn from the air filter to the throttle plate.

Were is coolant temperature sensor on A 1988 ford f 250 4WD pickup V8-351 5.8L?

The sensor is between the distributor and the throttle body.It has a 2 wire plug

Where is the map sensor located on a 1988 Chevrolet Camaro?

You did not specify as to the engine size. Generally they are located in the air tube from the air filter to the throttle plate.

How do you replace a broken throttle cable on a 1988 Ford Ranger?

how do i replace a throttle cable on a 1988 ford ranger pickup

Where is the IAT sensor on a 1988 Silverado 57 EFI and where are the ECU wires to hook your module on?

The IAT sensor is probably on the throttle body and you hook you module to the dianostics connector just under the driver side of the dash.

What would cause a 1988 Chevy silverado to stall cut out hesitate or surge when idlng already replaced fuel filer throttle position sensor o2 sensor MAP sensor and you blocked off the egr?

gas pedal cable?, fuel pump?

What actors and actresses appeared in Accord parfait - 1988?

The cast of Accord parfait - 1988 includes: Malo Kervern as Malo

Is a 1988 Honda Accord fast?

Absolutley not.

How can you tell if a throttle position sensor goes bad on a 1988 Chevy 2.8 engine?

loping idle. does not maintain idle, sometimes shuts engine off. do an ohm test.

How do you check the transmission fluid in a 1988 Honda Accord dx found the plug but how do you read it?

how do i check the transmission fluid on a 1988 Honda accord, it is a automated

1988 Chevy 1500 pu fuel pump relay not getting ing power?

check fuse/relay then if not that idle air control valve 'throttle control sensor' map sensor' electronic control module' test them all.

Why does a 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity runs high when sitting still?

If you are saying it has a fast idle speed that could be caused by a bad throttle position sensor, or a problem with the engine control module.

What type of fuel injection came on the 1988 gmc jimmy sierra classic 350 v8?

throttle bodythrottle body

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1988 Toyota?

The 1988 Toyota oxygen sensor is located on the air cleaner housing. You will find the sensor, on the back side of the housing.

Where is the IAT sensor located on a 1988 Ford Mustang 5.0L?

not to be mean but fords dont have iat sensors they have a map sensor and it is located in the intake tube between the throttle body and the air filter WRONG!!! The IAT sensor, or the air change temp sensor is located on the right side of the lower intake, right behind the the very first injector on that side.

Where is the crankshaft sensor located on a 1988 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

where is the crankshaft sensor located on a 1988 cutlass supreme

What is the battery size for a 1988 Honda Accord LX?

The battery size for a 1988 Honda Accord LX is a size 25. The battery can be purchased at any auto parts store.

1988 Honda accord problems my automatic transmission won't move in reverse moves but slips in drive 1988 accord lxi with 88000 miles?

add transmission fluid