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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1993 Chrysler Town and Country?

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2007-01-30 23:41:10

I have a '94 T&C and its located on the passanger side right

below the slider door. You'll have to have the van in the air

because its located on the inner side of the rail of the unibody.

so youll have to be able to get all the way under the van to see

it. And it has a rubber flew line on each side youll want to

replace. make sure the new stuff you buy is pressure rated for it

cause these systems can run up to 60 psi and regular hose will

burst. be carefull not to bend or break the metal pipe. It will be

rusty and if you break it youll have to run all new lines which is

a royal pain. my email is

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