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Where is the fuel filter located on a 2000 Dodge Caravan?


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According to my manual, the fuel filter is located under the vehicle and on top of the fuel tank. The tank must be lowered down to access the filter and lines.

You do NOT need to lower tank to change filter. It is tricky but do-able without lowering tank. Be aware that in 2000, dodge change length of fuel filter. You must give VIN number to auto parts person in order to get correct fuel filter. I learned this one the hard way. You also do not need a special tool to take filter off. Its just another fancy tool they are trying to sell you. I good set of pliers will do fine.


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It should be located near the oil filter on the back side of the engine.

The 2000 Dodge Caravan oil sending unit is located on the bottom of the engine. It is on the front on a six cylinder, and the rear on a four cylinder.

oil filter is on the front of the engine, just below the exhaust manifold.

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