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The injectors will be fused with something else. Get a wiring diagram from MOTORLIT.COM.

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Q: Where is the fuel injector fuse on a '91 Grand Am?
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Where is the fuse for the fuel pump on a 91 grand am?

try the fusebox under the hood

Where is the Fuel pump fuse for a 91 escort?

In the fuel tank.

Where is the fuel injector fuse located on Geo storm?

It should be in the main fuse block under the hood on the 91 Geo storm its located on the drivers side under the hood above the wheel well. Its the number 3 fuse.

Would a fuel injector from a Chevy s10 work in a 91 Geo Tracker?

No !

Why does my Ecm fuse keeps blowing out on 91 astro?

direct short! the fuse not only runs the ecm but it also handles the fuel pump as well as all the electronic devices on the motors its self. for example, the power doing to the fuel injector solenoids. so you have a direct short with enough amps to pop that fuse

What is Fuel capacity 91 grand prix?

15 gal

Where is the fuel safety switch on a 91 Grand Marquis?

In the trunk

Where is the fuel pump fuse located on 91 caprice?

The fuel pump fuse is located in the fuse box inside of the car, or under the hood in a fuse box beside of the battery. The 91 Caprice had a change mid year, so the fuse could be in either one of these places.

Why is injector not pulsing on a 91 Geo Tracker has fuel pressure and will run on ether?

I had to replace the injector itself the other day as it was not allowing the fuel to go into the TBI unit. I used the injector test light on the harness and it show the computer as being good.

Where is the fuel pump fuse on 91 Camry?

Near the driver seat second to last its a yellow fuse

What fuse in a 91 ford ranger controls the fuel pump?

The fuel pump on a 91 Ford Ranger is controlled by the starter fuse and relay. This relay is located under the hood. It will be located by the fender on the drivers side.

Fuel pump fuse blowing in my 89 240sx?

I have a 91 240SX and had a similar issue, my Fuel Pump had to be replaced.

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